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Gastrotourism in La Palma: complete guide

what happened to the Isla Bonita? can you keep doing gastrotourism in La Palma? No one talks about her anymore, even though a few months ago she made all the headlines about her. In this article we focus on your gastronomy as a tourist attraction. When will you take the next offer from Ryanair to fly by $20 round trip?

Gastrotourism in La Palma after the eruption

The consequences of the eruption of Old Summit are still very present in the Isla Bonita. Any tourist can realize this when coming across a three-meter-high wall of solidified lava in the middle of the road near Tazacorte. You will have to turn around and go up to the viewpoint of time. From it you will be able to contemplate the contrast between the green of the banana trees and the black of the laundry that buried part of them. Therefore, the island urgently needs investment.

Like any part of Spain emptied, tourism becomes an excellent source of income with which to establish population. In the case of La Palma, you have volcanic landscapes taken from another planet and an exquisite gastronomy. To start your journey, you can start from Holy Cross of the Palm. While you visit its colonial-style historic quarter, you can have breakfast Barraquito. It is a coffee with condensed milk and anise. If you drive you can settle for it coffee milk and milk, a non-alcoholic version of this sweet drink.


As you drive down the road you can notice the sharp contrasts of climate. As soon as you pass from a cloudy pine forest to a black and arid wasteland with similarities to Mordor. This variety of microclimates allows the cultivation and raising of several very interesting foods. First of all, you will be struck by the overwhelming amount of banana trees What is there in La Palma. Accounts for 35% of the production of the banana canary despite occupying just under 10% of the islands.

The best soil for the best crops

The volcanic soil is fertile and offers bananas of the best quality. Either way, you will be able to eat the best bananas at a much cheaper price than on the peninsula. Now, if you have already had breakfast and what you need is to eat, you have several options. One highly recommended is to go to a guachinchme. This curious word of aboriginal etymology refers to the places where it is offered traditional homemade food. In addition, they usually accompany the wines locally harvested.

In the case of gastrotourism in La Palma our recommendation consists of several dishes. One of them is the Goat cheese, animal that abounds in these islands. The Isla Bonita is no exception and within it the cheese of this animal abounds. They prepare it smoked and accompanied by red mojo y green. These two are the most characteristic sauces of the archipelago. Pican and its recipe consists of oil, garlic, picona peppers, hot paprika, cumin, vinegar and salt in the case of red. The green replaces the paprika with cilantro.

These also give flavor to the famous wrinkled potatoes, of which you will find a version with goat cheese. Called grateful potatoes. you can also eat goat meat, which almost melts in the mouth. To finish you can take a dust canary. It is a dessert that consists of dulce de leche, biscuit and cream all together and crushed with a layer of meringue powder on top. We warn you that it is very sweet.

gastrotourism in La Palma
Wrinkled potatoes with mojo picón / Source: Pixabay

What else can you eat and drink?

As for wine, you have several options. As we have already said, the climate varies a lot from one zone to another. On your way to Caldera de Taburiente and Boys roque (astronomical observatory) you will encounter cold weather. However, further south a Malvasía variety grape is grown. The sweet malvasia It is the most iconic wine on the island. Its complex and sugary character makes it an exquisite companion for any dessert. However, you can drink it alone. Taste it with the palmero powder.

To finish, we will pay homage to the dirty. In the Aridane Plains You will find, as in Santa Cruz de la Palma, a fast food place. Interestingly, some of them offer Venezuelan food like arepas y cachapas. They are popular in the Canary Islands and you cannot return from the island without trying one of the two. You can accompany your choice with party potatoes. That is to say, fries with grated cheese and ham on top, plus some sausage in the pile.

Canarian Guachinche/ Source: @fiscoviso on Twitter

Do not confuse these with a mythical dish of the gastrotourism in La Palma How is the party meat? It is made from pork and is seasoned with a mojo that has paprika, oregano, salt, garlic and vinegar. Its freshly cooked aroma, one of the main attractions of Canarian festive meat. For the mojo mix all the ingredients of the marinade and mix with a mixer. Once the marinade is done, it is poured over the meat and left to macerate for a day in the fridge.

Do not stop the party

The meat, for its part, is fried with a lot oil and then drain well. The remaining oil is cooked in a cauldron with 2 tablespoons of water. It is accompanied with potatoes and fries and the oil with water is poured on the plate. At the end it is presented with a touch of parsley and salt to taste. We hope you like our gastronomic offer on the Isla Bonita. We assure you that you will never forget this trip.