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Mercado de la Imprenta, the new gastronomic market of Valencia

On March 10, the inauguration of the printing market, a new gastronomic market for the city of Valencia. Since its inauguration, the market has already received more than a thousand attendees.

This new market in the city of Turia is a gastronomic, cultural and social space. It is located in the center of Valencia, on Calle de la Mascota, very close to the AVE station and Plaza de España.

The Mercado de la Imprenta has twenty-one stalls spread over one thousand eight hundred square meters. The market, which is divided into two floors, not only has gastronomic venues, but there is also a place for cultural exhibitions and multiple activities to entertain attendees in different ways. The products in the market are of the highest quality, coming from all corners of Spain, and some from international places.

What stalls are there in the market?

In the following list, all the positions that are currently on the market appear;

  • Super Smash Bros. (Hundred). smash burgers
  • Poor John Grill. Argentine meats and empanadas
  • Baovan. baths
  • Sweets & Coffee. Cafeteria and pastry shop
  • Sybarite. Croquettes and tortillas
  • Cannery 1906. Preserves and pickles
  • Bocadella. Assorted tapas
  • Antonio Manuel Freiduría. fry shop
  • Benvolgut – Appetizers. vermouth and appetizers
  • Martinez truffles. chocolates and truffles
  • delicious. pizza
  • HoliHoly. Healthy food
  • Juan Gargallo hams. charcuterie
  • The Wine Corner. Toni Sarrion Winery
  • Sushi 1906. Sushi
  • The Arrocería. rice
  • Alsüq. Lebanese
  • Chema Mel de Romer. tapas
  • The Printing Market. fish and shellfish

All these stalls have gluten-free options for celiac people who attend the market. In addition, they are working on home delivery and take-away service.