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Pairing with infusions.

The infusions are part of the sommelier, and the pairing with infusions is also one of them. Normally, wine and beer are the main pairings, but hot or cold infusions also combine menu and drinks.

There are few companies in Spain that are dedicated to making infusions, since they are usually bought and not planted. There are many qualities of infusions and to make a good pairing with infusions, you have to look for an optimal result, always with the best quality for the pairing to work. The infusions have a great variety of possibilities, there are all kinds of variants, cold, alone or combined, with alcohol or without alcohol.

In oriental countries like China and Japan, it is common to drink herbal teas at lunch and dinner. Depending on the type of food, Asians choose a type of infusion. For example, fried meats and spring rolls with vegetables are taken with red tea. While for fish, the logical thing to do is combine it with white tea or verbena infusion for its citrus touches. Green tea has begun to be consumed in Japan in different formats and, as a consequence of globalization, these new ways of consumption are also reaching the rest of the world, for example, ice creams made with green tea. In Spain, a dish that could be combined with green tea is the potato omelette. And for barbecues, the most suitable would be a black tea due to its astringent touches.