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DO Jumilla wines in Prowein

La International Wine Fair most important on the international scene has also had the presence of the best DO Jumilla wines in Prowein. This appointment celebrated from 17 al 19 March met in the city of Düsseldorf to other prominent Spanish denominations of origin such as DO Rueda o DO Rioja.

The event for the promotion and dissemination of wine products from the most relevant areas of the peninsula has now ended, from the DO Murciana have valued the success. That harvested in a leading country like fourth destination of its exports.Therefore, Germany it has become a very important country for the commercialization of Spanish wine. In this case, from the town of Jumilla (Murcia). 

Evaluation and assistants with DO Jumilla wines in Prowein

From the area of Altiplano full Murcia they have traveled to 19 wineries with DO Jumilla wines in Prowein. All of them with a clear objective of achieving agreements and commercial deals to win foreign clients. All kinds of buyers and interested parties have attended this fair. From supermarkets to representatives of restaurants or catering companies.

The PDO Jumilla They have presented and exposed to all of them the most excellent bottles or elaborations of the land of the north of Murcia. In each personalized position, each winery has been able to report on its DO Jumilla wines in Prowein. In addition, they have organized seminars and tastings. 

On the other hand, the stand of the jumillano group Garcia Carrion, one of the most important of Spain and Europe, was located within the Hall 10, between Spanish wineries. For its part, Cerrón Winery was located in the pavilion Spanish Organic Wines. 

President Regulatory Council of the PDO Jumilla, Silvano García, positively appreciated having attended the Prowein fair. "A fantastic opportunity to meet international buyers and expand client base," he said. Since Murcian wine sales in Germany are so important, continue with the good promotion in the country it is mandatory.