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The best Mercadona infusions!

Have you ever tried the Mercadona infusions? If you haven't, you're already taking time. The Valencian chain offers us a wide variety of these plants in small bags for you to enjoy its taste and its benefits. Below we make a list of the best herbal teas.

The most valued teas by consumers

Red tea

This infusion is a type of tea unlike any of the others. Its delicious taste and benefits make it one of the greatest pleasures of lovers of infusions. With great diuretic and stimulant properties, it is ideal for dieting. Prevents fluid retention and helps metabolize food, eliminating up to a 15% body fat.

Chai tea

This is the great discovery of the Mercadona infusions. This mixture of black tea, cinnamon, ginger, pepper and cardamom has a slightly spicy flavor, without a doubt what makes it different. It is not recommended to take it every day, since black tea contains more caffeine than the rest of these plants, so if you suffer from nerves it is better not to take it. Even so, among its benefits we can highlight that it is a ally of the gastric apparatus.

Mercadona infusions
Different varieties of Mercadona infusions. / Source: MonkeyTés

Mercadona infusions with a touch of flavor

Mango flavored green tea

The compound of green tea and exotic fruit par excellence make this tisane a top drink. Although it has recently been incorporated into the catalog of Mercadona infusions, customers value it very positively. This variety of tea is recommended for losing weight and treating problems with our gastric system. In turn, the handle it will give us energy, acting as a remedy for headaches.

Black tea with vanilla and caramel

As with chai tea, it is recommended to moderate its consumption, since, as we have pointed out, its caffeine levels they are very tall. Even so, from time to time you can indulge yourself with this drink. And it is that its flavor of caramel and vanilla always contributes more than what remains. Its mix between bitter and sweet results in an infusion of extraordinary quality.

Mercadona infusions
Three of the allied Mercadona infusions to keep weight at bay. / Source: Mercadona

The allies to keep the body at bay

Horse tail

It is one of the food supplements within the variety of Mercadona infusions that customers consume the most. Horsetail is one of the plants that helps the most to prevent fluid retention and eliminate toxins. Its high content of flavonoids, minerals and vitamins give it properties Antioxidants y anti-inflammatory.

tea figure

Another of the quintessential food supplements from the Valencian company. This compound of green tea, horsetail, senna and artichoke is an ally for consumers who want keep your weight at bay. A glass of this infusion stimulates the metabolism to favor the fat removal localized and toxins from our body.

Mercadona infusions
Tea plantation, typical landscape in Asian countries. / Source: Pixabay

The Mercadona infusions of a lifetime


This infusion is one of the quintessential classics. The properties of the linden leaf have been cultivated and consumed for centuries. Among its benefits we find the improvement of blood circulation, its anti-inflammatory powers or its power to combat migraines. But, without a doubt, the main property with which we associate the lime blossom is its power to combat nerves, anxiety and insomnia.


Another Mercadona infusions best seller is chamomile. And it is that this herbal tea is another of the drinks par excellence in the care and well-being of our body. As everyone knows, chamomile, in its natural version or with hints of anise, helps our digestive system. Above all, it is an ally against stomach aches, nausea and gas.

As you have seen, take Mercadona infusions is to taste a wide variety of food supplements that will not do any harm to our body. Some drinks full of properties and flavors for everyone. And now that you know more, are you going to look at all this variety of products with different eyes?