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How to clean a burnt pan.

Misusing pans reduces their useful life. Some of these bad habits are; using metal instruments that damage the nonstick or storing them incorrectly. To store pans correctly, the ideal is to use protectors for them, and not stack them. A burnt pan can affect food, changing its smell and taste.

It is advisable to stop using a frying pan when it starts to deteriorate (which happens if it is not scrubbed properly, with a soft sponge). However, sometimes a new pan will inadvertently burn and cost more to clean. To do this, first of all, what you have to do is avoid putting the boiling pan under cold water. You have to let the pan cool down, so you can clean it properly afterwards.

How to clean a burnt pan?

With these five methods, you will be able to eliminate burns from your pan:

  • Boiling water and soap.

One of the most affective tricks is to apply soap and water, and put the pan on the fire, at a low temperature. The burnt part will soften and a large part will descale on its own. The rest must be removed with a spatula or any plastic and wooden utensil (once removed from the heat). To finish, you have to scrub with a soft sponge.

  • Bicarbonate and vinegar.

Mixing white vinegar with a pinch of water and bringing it to a boil in the pan at a low temperature is also a solution. When the vinegar is hot, you have to remove it from the heat and add two tablespoons of baking soda. With this, some bubbles will be generated, which will descale the burned areas. If some burns remain after applying this method, you have to rub with a soft sponge or a non-metallic utensil.

  • Salt

Another home remedy that works is to cover the pan with salt and warm water. You have to leave the mixture for about twenty minutes, and then scrub the pan with hot water with the help of a spatula to remove the remains that have remained.

  • Bleach.

The application of this method is similar to that of vinegar. Just fill the pan with water, add a splash of bleach and leave the mixture to act for a few minutes over low heat. The black layer will be descaling. To use this method, it is very important to do it in a place with very good ventilation, wear gloves and thoroughly clean the pan after applying the method.

  • Stainless steel scourer.

For stainless steel pans without a non-stick coating, using a stainless steel scrubber is a good option. It is a more manual method, in which you have to work more, but it is also effective.