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Korean home cooking

Korean cuisine is a whole way of life. In Korea, kimchi is prepared as a family, diners sit at a table full of refined small dishes prepared with care and love. The dishes are paired with local alcohols to extract all the flavor.

Discover the richness of Korean culinary culture with 100 authentic recipes for each day. And all with invaluable preparations and advice captured in images, with which you will learn to prepare all the dishes with a sure hand, from start to finish.

For Jina Jung, cooking is much more than a source of nutrition or pleasure. It is the living testimony of both a history and a culture reflected in the flavors, the dressings and the tasting of the dishes.

His grandmother and mother passed on Korean culinary culture to him. She still remembers when, as a child in Korea, the living room was filled with piles of cabbage once a year to prepare kimchi with the family, or the trays of chilis drying in the sun. She remembers the very particular smell of soybeans fermenting and, a few months later, transforming into a wonderful paste. doenjang. Jina still has the mantras of the women in the family very much in mind while she cooks: the order of the ingredients. Also the fullness of the colors, the balance that the chili brings to the dish.

Travel to the heart of Korean cuisine.

This book offers a wide variety of Traditional, simple and tasty homemade recipes. Also shares all the secrets we need to prepare them at home daily. You will also know new techniques, such as the home fermentation, and, most certainly, new ingredients, although easy to find in specialized stores or online.

At the end of the book we will find some annexes with the basic ingredients of Korean cuisine, such as gim seaweed, Korean curry powder, soy sauce, soju, firm tofu... and the list of utensils for preparing the dishes.