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Chicken and Meat

One fact that you probably do not know and that you will be interested to know is that the Guadarrama meat is the only food of the Region of Madrid us Protected Geographical Indication (IGP). So the people of Madrid have nothing to envy to other prestigious national meats because they have their own. It is of quality and has characteristics that distinguish it, being at all times linked to its territory of origin. But, what do you think makes this meat unique compared to the others? What is the process you follow to differentiate yourself? 

Mercadona has launched a product that, at first glance, could be one of many; However, it is not. It is a new sausageCalled 'Schara Pikante'. The question is: what has of special, beyond that it is made with chili? Well, according to the brand itself, it is made "With 100% pork meat". It is true that this should not be new, but it certainly is. The elaboration of these meat products is not as well known as it could be, and that is why the Mercadona sausage comes stomping with its concept of 'real meat'.

Is one of the relics most appetizing and beloved of the Murcian gastronomy that has lasted to this day. It was made and consumed in Spain for centuries but nowhere else did it survive as in the Murcia. There, the Murcian meat pie It is more than a typical dish because it combines a talented pastry technique with the forcefulness that satisfies every stomach. Below we delve deeper into the history of this recipe and its preparation.

Many times for reasons of fatigue, to have Limited time or simply for wanting give you a treat, you decide to buy one of the best prepared dishes in Mercadona. The Valencian supermarket has a succulent and varied offer of food that you can serve with a single stroke of microwave oven. In about two, three or four minutes, you have a delicious recipe ready to feed your palate. Although, of course, there are some preparations that are better than others. Therefore, in this article we want to analyze and recommend the more exquisite so that when you are in front of the stand you do not hesitate in your choice. Getting it right will be synonymous with repeating on other occasions. To the parrot, diner!

The controversy returns to the Spanish ham sector. After the controversies that recurrently occur in the IberianNow it is the turn of the white-coated ham. On this occasion, everything is caused by the interest of the Ministry of Agriculture and the main meat employers (Anise) for creating the IGP Spanish Serrano Ham.

Both institutions, driving the demand, hope to obtain from the European Union a Protected Geographical Indication for the Serrano ham. An IGP that covers the entire national territory (with the exception of Ceuta and Melilla). With this they intend to “monopolize” the distinctive commercial domain of this product. Leaving in this way the productions of other European geographical areas and third countries.

Among all the salami that you can find on the market today, there is a very prominent one that has specific features. As one of the older sausages that is made in Catalan lands, the Vic sausage surprises in the mouth with its spicy touch. But also with his Protected Geographical Indication that link you to your area of ​​origin. Here we tell you the history of this meat product and what are its peculiarities

La game or wild meat It is one of the delicacies that we can find in our gastronomy at the moment. At this time of year it is very common to find this type of product in many restaurants. Although the meat of wild animals is more protagonist in the regions of the center of the peninsula, and more specifically, in Castilla y Leon. The partridge meat is one of them although it is not as well known as the rabbit, for example. Here we show you everything you need to know about this tasty product!

It sounds exclusive, exotic and even, in a way, primitive. It is not customary to see this type of animal and less in the Castilian stamp. But there are and they are less than 40 kilometers from the Spanish capital. For example in Colmenar Viejo (town located in the Sierra de Madrid), is the Finca Hoyas de Santa Ana, which is home to a herd of buffalo. Yes, as you read it: bison of which it is consumed Buffalo meat.