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Montes de Toledo oil, the secret of early harvesting

The storm Filomena it has affected every aspect of our life. But its effects have not only remained there. The main products of our gastronomy have also suffered the consequences of the strong storm. Among them is the olive oil Montes de Toledo. It has PDO since 2000. And, although it does not have the popularity of southern oils, it is also relevant for the variety of its olive and other aspects of cultivation. Here we tell you more!

Cornicabra olive

The first thing you should know about him Montes de Toledo oil is that it is produced with the olive known as cornicabra. This is a variety native to Mora de Toledo and its cultivation area is around Ciudad Real, Madrid and Toledo. Although they can also be found in Cáceres and Badajoz. It should be noted that it is the second most cultivated Spanish olive variety and the third in regard to its production.

Cornicabra olives
Cornicabra olive / Source: oliaesa.com

In addition, it receives the name of Cornicabra for the unique curved shape that has this olive, which in a way can be likened to a horn. Cornicabra is the name by which it is commonly known. But, depending on the geographical area, you can change its name to cornal, ergot or cabrilla, among others.

Harvest time, key

One of the most important characteristics and one of the reasons why the olive oil from the Montes de Toledo acquired the DOP it was for his early harvest. Thanks to this moment of olive harvest, the liquid resulting from it acquires a series of values ​​that differentiate the EVOO.

Many are the benefits of this type of collection. And it is that, according to the farmers themselves, early harvest provides better quality to olive oil, in addition to reporting great agronomic advantages to the olive groves. In addition, they indicate that, despite the fact that the olive yield is lower because the time of year is earlier, its quality is much better. Above all, because they have a higher water content. Finally, one of the biggest advantages of this collection is that it eliminates the beatas it gets the olive tree bear fruit every year.


The result of this flattering olive harvest is an oil that has developed its aroma clearly differentiated from the rest. This olive oil is characterized by its density and fruity and aromatic flavor. And with mean values ​​of bitter and spicy.

The oil of the Protected Designation of Origin Montes de Toledo, also known as cornicabra oil, is characterized by its high content of oleic acid. This gives it a marked stability, quality for which it is appreciated and distinguished in the trade.

Montes de Toledo oil
Montes de Toledo Oil / Source: ayto-orgaz.es

Finally, it should be noted that its color varies, according to the time of collection and the exact geographical location within the region itself. It can go from the golden yellow to deep green. And, as we have already mentioned before, the oil from the Montes de Toledo presents values ​​of medium to intense in terms of spicy and bitter values.

Why is this oil so good?

You already know that the olive oil from the Montes de Toledo obtained the DOP, published in the BOE in 2000, this is due to the great product quality. In addition to the climatic conditions of the area where the olives are grown. As well as the work of olive growers for several generations who have perfectly developed all the beneficial qualities of Cornicabra.

And it is that, the variety of cornicabra together with the edaphoclimatic conditions of the area endow the oil with characteristics both very different physical and chemical with respect to the rest of oils.


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As you have seen, the olive oil from the Montes de Toledo is undoubtedly one of the the best products of our gastronomy. Although it is not as well known as other national oils such as Seville or Jaén, is just as good.

It is a very good idea to incorporate it into your diet on a regular basis, it will flavor your food and bring great benefits to your health. Cheer up!