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How to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew

Find out how to open a wine bottle without corkscrew. What objects to walk around the house are the most suitable? To what extent do they mimic the mechanism of the traditional opener? Let's see it!

More curious ways to open a bottle of wine

You have the bottle in your hand and you do nothing but rummage through it. Kitchen drawer. They wait for you in the living room but the more you investigate the more you know that it will not be there. Do not worry if this situation occurs to you since there are several easy and original ways to uncork your bottle These mimic the dynamics of the corkscrew but present different variations.

A key

You can use the sharpest you have. In general, those of the car are the ones that come best. Stick it into the center of the cork at an angle of about 45 degrees. The next step is to turn it on circles while you go up the cork

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Corkscrew/Source: Pixabay

Dip the cork in the wine

Another option to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew is to use an object to dent the stopper. The possibilities are multiple: a permanent marker, lipstick… So, push down with both hands until this cork is inside the wine. It is true that it may seem like a somewhat dirty option, especially for the most gourmets. You can use a coffee filter to collect the stopper remains.

A hanger

Straighten the hook and make a smaller one with the wire. Carefully insert it straight against the rim of the bottle with the hook facing in. Turn the hook, move it little by little and pull back to remove it carefully. It is a method for the most ingenious.


Use small ones, similar in size to those of small children. Open them and insert the thinner blade into the middle of the cork halfway. Twist the handle of the scissors and pry when I'm halfway out.

A knife

Pin it to the cork and hold it steady as you spin the bottle around. In this way the stopper comes out little by little with the circular movement.

A screw

Insert the screw vertically. At the same time, place pliers or the back of a hammer horizontally in order to remove it. pull up with smooth movements so as not to break the plug until it comes out. When you put it into practice it will remind you of the corkscrew mechanism.

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white wine/ source: pexels

some tweezers

You can enter them in bottle neck if you see that the cork is not very consistent. Once the goals are more or less halfway through the cork, pull upwards until the stopper is removed.


As you have seen, there are several ways to open a bottle of wine no corkscrew We recommend you always have one on hand. however, you already know what to do when an unforeseen event arises.