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XIX Conference of Roasted Lamb in Aranda

With the arrival of June to Aranda de Duero, a typical product of the regional gastronomy also takes its special role. Thus, throughout the month until eight specialty steakhouses will participate in new Roast Lamb Days, offering their complete menus for 40 €. Of course, always with the suckling lamb as a star and cooked in a wood oven, but with the particularities of each house. In addition, the prized wines of the DO Ribera del Duero They accompany each production every year, which also usually includes other traditional local products. 

The menu of the Roast Lamb Days

La roast meat over wood oven captivates the palate of any diner who wants to enjoy an exquisite and marvelous meat delicacy. But in the town of Burgos This product acquires even greater expression as a traditional and popular product, especially in Aranda del Duero. Here you can live a sensational gastronomic experience in the month of June with the XIX Conference of Roast Lamb. An animal - the suckling lamb - that lives for 35 days only drinking mother's milk and weighs about five kilos, offers a very tasty meat.

Each of the eight specialty steakhouses will have in their letter several recipes and alternatives within the incoming from the menu, to choose one. As leading foods among these options, others stand out Sausages such as blood sausage, chorizo ​​or cabbage, as well as torrezno. As well mushrooms, peppers, potatoes, croquettes or even the Taco de bacalao del Aitana Restaurant.

Then, as the main course of the Roast Lamb Days, this delicacy is presented together with a garden salad with lettuce from Medina. This is another typical food of the Burgos region, which fits perfectly with the lamb baked and just right.

Finally, a good dessert puts the finishing touch through elaborations that go through a diversity of recipes. For example, the Rice foam with churra milk or with biscuit earth and quince. Or also the Hojandre cake with cream and cream or filled with a chocolate cord, without leaving aside the alternatives of homemade desserts from other grills.

El 51 del Sol / Photo: RV EDIPRESS
Asador El 51 del Sol / Photo: RV EDIPRESS

Within each menu are also included a wine DO Ribera del Duero, chosen by each restaurant, a coffee, 'shot' and even a Aranda cake to eat it next to the piece of meat.

The eight participating steakhouses