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Xeixa wheat, on the mend

The effort to recover authentic flavors leads many farmers, bakers, restaurateurs and gastronomy lovers to rescue ancestral varieties. In the case of cereals and specifically wheat, varieties such as Kamut and Espelta are clear examples. Now a variety of wheat like Xeixa is already on the mend.

And it is that as happened with many varieties and breeds, the prioritization by production in the last century was the reason for the disappearance of many of them. Now The search for quality, diversity and differentiation makes it resurface and helps the recovery of some varieties, such as the Xeixa wheat variety.A variety of low production and therefore higher cost.

Xeixa wheat is a widely cultivated variety in the Balearic Islands and Catalonia, although it also spread to other areas of the Mediterranean. It is characterized by having a level of gluten lower and be sweeter and more intense in flavor than most wheat varieties. By having less level of gluten and less protein makes it a more digestible variety, especially when it is made with whole wheat, since its fiber level is higher.

Xeixa the recovery of an excellent wheat

Although the cost for production reasons is higher, the return in terms of quality clearly compensates. This variety provides us with a high level of starches and low gluten, it is highly digestible and rich in minerals and vitamins, especially vitamins B and E.

Its preparation is especially interesting since, being sweeter in flavor, it is also perfect for use in the preparation of sweets. Its whole wheat flour will give us a very special flavor and texture in pastas, ensaimadas, cookies and of course in all kinds of breads.

Now the work and commitment of many farmers who prioritize quality has made the Xeixa variety easy to find in many places.