Top wines of 2020, you cannot miss them!

El top wines of 2020 Spain already has its members with names and surnames. After finishing the National Young Wines Competition Cosecha 2020 number one on the podium has been occupied by none other than Monica Albor Tinto 2020. Do you want to know what is special about that wine and which ones have won the other best positions? Keep reading with us.

Baco Awards, a unique recognition for the top wines of 2020

After three intense days of tasting with a total of almost 500 participating wines, the National Young Wines Contest has ended and the results can already be seen. For this, the Spanish Union of Tasters, with a long journey and experience, has awarded the so-called Baco Awards.

The Baco Awards reach their thirty-fifth anniversary this year, consolidated as the most reliable and independent showcase for young wines. That is to say, an essential thermometer to measure the quality of the most recent harvest on the market, in this case that of 2020.

Best wines of 2020

Wine tasting | Photo courtesy of UEC

What have been the results and the annual medal of the contest?

As we have already told you, this year, the first place on the podium has been for the Galician red Mónica Albor 2020 (DO Ribeiro). Has obtained the highest recognition, the Grand Baco de Oro Luis Hidalgo Award. Likewise, this drink is made from the Mencía, Sousón and Caiño Tinto varieties and has a completely unique flavor.

This wine is characterized by being clean, bright and straw yellow in color. It also has a good intensity aroma, harmoniously assembled, with a clear predominance of fruity notes, apricot, citrus and pear in syrup. Its passage through the mouth is also very pleasant, honeyed, well balanced, long and with a final sensation of sweet fruit that invites you to continue drinking.

Wine and grapes


Its history dates back to seventeenth century, in the early 1700s when the first Albor bought the house in the town of Coedo. Being his great-great-grandfather Antero Albor who started the winery later passing to his son Victorino Albor and this in turn to Alfonso Albor. At present it is owned by the fourth generation of the Albor family, being Mrs. Monica Albor the current manager and owner of it.

At the beginning of 2004, when the winery began to put into commercial production its wines were called with the name of "Pazos de Albor". Mónica took over from her father, Alfonso Albor, in the field work, taking care of the vineyards with the same care that he did, learning from his advice and family secrets in the field of viticulture.

Monica Albor Wine | Source:

Accompanying this reference in the highest echelons, that of the Great Golden Bacchus (wines with a rating higher than 92 points), there are eight more labels. These have competed with the Galician red wine, making it very difficult for the Spanish Union group to choose it.

These are the whites Will Barrel Fermented 2020 (DO Abona), Ramón do Casar 2020 (DO Ribeiro), O'Fillo da Condesa 2020 (DO Rias Baixas), Niño de las Uvas Macabeo Malvasía 2020 (DO Bullas) and Castelo de Medina Sauvignon Blanc 2020 ( DO Rueda); and the Reds Only Tirio 2020 (DO Campo de Borja), Numun Syrah 2020 (DO Jumilla) and Quinta da Peza Mencía 2020 (DO Valdeorras). 

Best wines of 2020

Red wine | Source: (


Equally, Isabel I 2020 from Bodegas Cerrosol in the DO Rueda won the Baco de Oro for Best New Brand, and Bartolomé Abellán, technical director and author of the Gil Family Estates wine catalog, won the Baco de Oro for Best Winemaker of Wines Young people of the 2020 harvest.

To complete the medal table of the Baco Awards there are 80 Bacos de Oro and 44 Bacos de Plata. And as beneficiaries, the Rias Baixas Denominations of Origin have come out, with 21 recognitions, and the DO Ribeiro and Rueda with 16 awards respectively. Likewise, they lead some statistics that include the negligible number of 36 indications of origin represented in their medal table.

Best wines of 2020

Wine glasses | Source:

If you want to know the complete list of these incredible wines you can access through the online awards page Worm. What did you think of the triumphant wine of the top wines of 2020? And the winners of the Great Golden Bacchus?

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