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Record harvest in Toro

The record harvest in Toro represents a leap in both quantity and quality. What are the factors that have led to this phenomenon in...

Grape as fruit, the life of the party

A good piece of fruit is capable of refreshing you for a whole day. And, save you from a good heat rush. So today...

Gastronomy of Alicante: nougat, grape and… liquors!

It is one of the richest regions in different products, from sweets to fruits, passing through spirits. Discover the gastronomy of Alicante.

Cruzcampo Grape Beer, it looks like wine but… it's beer!

Cruzcampo Grape Beer is the new bet of the Andalusian brewery. Its resemblance to wine gives it very special characteristics. Discover everything here!

Wine gummies ... they don't get drunk!

Wine gummies are perfect to indulge yourself even if you still have a hundred kilometers behind the wheel ahead. Discover them.

Rakia: Balkan spirit and ritual

Rakia is an important part of the idiosyncrasy of the Balkan countries. Discover this drink with its curious use beyond the aperitif.

Domestication of the vine: what you did not know

Below we review the latest genetic discoveries on the domestication of the vine. Montenegro is key to understanding the evolutionary chain.

Less wine due to climate change: how it affects

According to a recent study, the increase in global temperature will seriously reduce the areas suitable for growing wine. There will be less because of climate change.

Familia Torres ends its harvest like this

With the harvest of the latest Moneu and Forcada grape varieties, the Familia Torres winery closes the season that began in August. Find out how it went.

Bodegas Bilbainas and its QualityWine

To predict the quality of the grape, Bodegas Bilbaínas has created its R&D project QualityWine together with IRTA, an intelligent computer tool.