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How to reduce pesticide consumption

A recent study reveals that people who follow an organic diet eliminate toxicity from their body. How to reduce the consumption of pesticides now?

Microplastics in fish… and in humans!

Microplastics in fish were already alarming in themselves. Now we must also deal with the accumulation of these materials in human tissue.
blue crab

Blue crab, the predator is you!

Learn about the environmental problem that exists with this species of crustacean and how it can be alleviated by incorporating blue crab meat into our menus.

Avoid the spread of coronavirus through food

In the midst of a health crisis, we clarify the risk of contracting it through food handling. Avoid the spread of coronavirus through food!

New plot of the ham: company without control

An investigation has been opened into a new plot of ham in Aldeatejada (Salamanca) for alleged manipulation in poor conditions. Know everything here.

Sucking the head of the prawns, risk?

These days an alert from the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition in 2011 has gone 'viral': suck the head of prawns. Why?

Risk in red meat: new study

An investigation published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine denies the benefit of stopping consuming red meat due to the health risk.

Tea bags and microplastics, danger?

A study by McGill University in Montreal (Canada) has concluded that tea bags release millions of microplastic particles in their infusion.

Trans fats are limited in the EU

The European Commission adopted last Wednesday the 24th the regulation that will affect artificial trans fats with only 2 grams per 100 of food.