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Underground wineries in Aranda de Duero

Aranda de Duero

Aranda de Duero, capital of the Ribera del Duero. A place where wine has always been an excellent travel companion. The subsoil of the town of Aranda reflects the legacy of the deep-rooted wine culture.

This history has been impregnated in the locality. Seven kilometers of wineries created during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. All of them make up an authentic underground city where the production and aging of wine is discovered in each of its corners.

The objective is to meet and enjoy the Arandian wines. The underground cellars are from the Middle Ages a vital part of the social life of Aranda de Duero. This concept that lives on in the day-to-day life of its inhabitants. As soon as you go down to the network of historical passageways.

The visitor can quickly feel the change in temperature and the absence of light. There is a passage to tranquility, fundamental environmental characteristics that the area enjoys to carry out the production of wine.

A network of underground cellars in Aranda de Duero

Throughout the year the wineries maintain a temperature between 11 and 13 degrees. Also with a constant humidity level that allows external ventilation to a depth ranging between nine and twelve meters.

An ingenious work of engineering developed by the winemakers of yesteryear. It was due to the requirement of vineyard payments that motivated the creation of these warehouses where they could host and enhance production.

A very special tourist attraction that leaves no one indifferent. A journey through space and time through its transverse arches, drainage pits, cold boxes, warehouses, corridors and stone walls to reel off any of the 365 days of the year.

The museum space of the Las Animas Winery it is a clear example of the eight centuries of historical legacy. The road continues strolling through the cozy streets of Aragon and capturing spectacular monuments. As the Church of Santa María or San Juan. In addition to museums such as Ball House or Train museum.

The popularity of the underground cellars of Aranda de Duero this June becomes one of the key points to discover the days of the suckling pig. Within the eighteenth edition of the Roast Lamb Days. A month in which the fusion between history, gastronomy and wine becomes palpable for the visitor.

A gastronomic party is created in which a total of nine grills offer very special menus. (With a fixed price of 38 euros in which the wine is included Ribera del Duero O.D.). These rotisseries light their wood-fired ovens with a common goal: to convert Aranda de Duero in the Capital of Roast Lamb.

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