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Is it beneficial to drink hot water?

There is a huge debate between whether drinking hot water, fasting or not, is beneficial to health or is a simple myth. Here we confront the two positions.

Where to buy canned wine? Analysis

With certain reluctance still in much of the wine sector, some Spanish companies are already daring with this format. Where to buy canned wine?

Controversy with Nutriscore: why you don't like it

The implementation of a single nutritional identification system for foods is creating discrepancies in the different European countries. There is controversy with Nutriscore.

Origin of pizza with pineapple, the most controversial

With lovers and 'haters', this dish is one of the most controversial for integrating said fruit. We tell you the origin of pineapple pizza and everything about it.

Risk in red meat: new study

An investigation published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine denies the benefit of stopping consuming red meat due to the health risk.

Mushroom season: forecast and 'hunters'

With the debate going on every year about mushroom pickers, this mushroom season could be delayed by the summer heat. We tell you all the previous.