We need a substitute for salt, since we all know the risks of abuse this. Also the recommendations to moderate the use or elimination of sodium chloride (or common salt) when suffering Hypertension. As well as heart disease and other problems. For some time, in addition to recommending not to abuse this ingredient, it is recommended to switch to one of its substitutes, the potassium chloride. Now more advantages have been discovered. We tell you.

Sodium chloride or common salt

Although the human body needs sodium for proper function, the addition of salt to foods would not be necessary. Thus, with a normal diet, a sufficient amount is ingested. In addition, the consumption of sodium chloride or common salt can cause serious health problems. Our kidneys y heart they should work much more and they will suffer more than they should. As if that were not enough, the abuse of common salt carries a greater risk of suffer from cerebrovascular diseases.

Salt substitutes

Obviously the best or healthiest solution is to do without all kinds of salt in our kitchen. We would discover, without a doubt, the most authentic flavors of many products and ingredients. However, salt in moderation is useful in gastronomy and in preparations as a preservative. One of the solutions is through the use of common salt substitutes. These replace part of the sodium chloride in common salt with potassium chloride. Its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure has already been proven, now in a recent study it has been discovered that it brings more benefits to our health.

Daily Salt Maximum / Salt Substitute

Salt | Source: Clinicauandes.cl

The Salt Substitute and Stroke Study

The recent study presented at the congress of the European Society of Cardiology and that has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine provides more data on the use of this substitute for common salt. The study concludes that, in addition to lower blood pressure, decreases cardiovascular problems, strokes and clinical hyperkalemia.

This has been done with more than 20.000 patients with previous cardiovascular problems and Seniors of 60 years for more than 4 years. A salt substitute based on 75% potassium chloride and a 25% sodium chloride. Moderate use also continued to be recommended. The results they have been very positive. For greater joy, this solution is simple, economical, healthy and within everyone's reach.

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