¿Wagyu? ¿Kobe? Learn to distinguish the basics of Japanese cuisine beyond fish and rice. This article is about meat, quality in particular. Is it true that Kobe oxen listen music while being massaged? Is Kobe the same as wagyu? Pay a lot of attention.

Is the part called the whole?

If these concepts sound like Chinese to you, we are sorry to tell you that they are Japanese. Maybe you've ever found a tray that prays "Wagyu meat" in your supermarket. Surely among the highest quality meat. When verifying that it is Japanese, if you understand its gastronomy, you may have remembered Kobe meat. This is known in the West for the legends circulating around it. Television used to show cows listening to classical music, getting massages, or drinking beer.

The truth is that both words represent something very similar. We can say that all Kobe meat is wagyu But not all Wagyu beef is Kobe beef. To do this, we must understand that they come from the same animal. The wagyu breed It is Japan's own. These cows have fat reserves that allow them to survive in the icy valleys of the Japanese volcanoes. Within this variety we have about four subclasses: black (tajima), brown (akaushi), short neck y no horns.

wagyu beef

Wagyu meat / Source: Pixabay

Requirements so that you are not left alone in wagyu

Kobe beef, within wagyu, it must be from the variety black Yes or yes. Let's make it very clear, it is a designation of origin. To achieve this, farmers must meet other requirements. The main one is that it is born in the Hyogo prefecture of a cow of the same variant. It must be cared for by a certified rancher from the same area and slaughtered by a slaughterhouse in the region. In addition, there are other very technical ones such as that the weight equals or is less than 470 kilos (without head or entrails).

So… it's worth it outside of Japan. It depends. The truth is that platform cows have been living outside of Japan for a while as well. Without going further, Finca Santa Rosalía is a livestock company that markets its meat from Burgos. Raise the cattle in a semi-extensive. Of course, it lacks the Kobe designation. However, it ensures on its website that it is not something worrying due to the excellent quality of its meat. Its characteristics are similar and the consumer does not pay the high price of the transport. Do you give a chance to wagyu?

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