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Elkano restaurant, marine and carbonic flavor

Specialty: Grilled fish
Name: Elkano Restaurant
Address: Herrerieta Kalea 2, 20808, Getaria
Region: Guipúzcoa (Basque Country)
Telephone: 649 335 274
Website www.restauranteelkano.com 

Three essences of Elkano Restaurant

In the Guipuzcoan town of Getaria there is a place to eat fish it is, more than a luxury, a taste experience of another level. Because in the Elkano Restaurant three elements are merged that constitute the essence of the premises that it runs Aitor Arregi, former Alavés footballer. Continuing with the values ​​and delicacy of his father's kitchens, the chef continues to delight the diner with some unique grilled fish. At no other point in Spain you can enjoy such a delicacy, pampering the product from capture to presentation on the table.

El the source of each marine specimen -captured in the waters of the Gipuzkoan coast by fishermen who know in detail the ins and outs of the area- is one of the essences of Elkano Restaurant. The other already has to do with the own cooking technique, to the fire of the embers. Fishing for turbot, sole, cod or sea bream at its ideal moment, we must add the magnificent knowledge of the method grilled. From yesteryear to today, both fish and shellfish have been cooked outdoors.

And, of course, the third essence of this temple of the marine-carbonic flavor is the prestige that the restaurant has earned since 1964, year of its opening. Although the great architect of his successful journey in gastronomy was Pedro Arregi, your son knew how to reach the top of the Michelin guide. Because in 2014 he received his first star, despite the fact that it was a bittersweet year due to the death of the aforementioned I arranged. Two years later it went on sale 'ElKano: Culinary Landscape', one books that we recommend you read if you want to travel to Getaria. 

The grilled technique

A curious story is behind this element that in the kitchen allows to obtain gastronomic results without comparisons with other techniques. It turns out that the grill It was formerly used to avian the victuals or provisions carried by sailors on ocean expeditions in the XNUMXth century. Later, he moved to the mainland and began serving in the kitchen for the purpose that everyone already knows.

Of course, in the Elkano Restaurant it was given differential treatment both in Fish as in seafood. This is how the recognition of a place to eat was forged, for example, turbot, emblem species there. Although its gastronomic proposal is divided into four: fish white, flat, rock and cephalopods. We do not reveal more, reserve your table to discover first-hand how the gastronomic experience with products from the own territory is wonderful here.

embers fire grill
Embers under the grill / Photo: restauranteelkano