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Gabino's Tortillas, typical Spanish style

Specialty: Tortilla
Name: Gabino's Tortillas
Address: Calle Rafael Calvo, 20, 28010, Madrid
Region: Madrid
Telephone: 913 19 75 05
Website www.lastortillasdegabino.com 

La Ancha Family, centenary Spanish cuisine

In Las Tortillas de Gabino restaurant a long tradition is maintained thanks to the work that the family has been doing in the kitchen The Broad. Traditional dishes together with more innovative recipes add up now more than 100 years of history had offered us in the restoration, basing all the culinary talent on the omelette. The star of Spanish gastronomy is served with different ingredients in this Madrid venue that started its journey in another location.

It was in the Velázquez Street, back in the 60s, in a classic Salamanca neighborhood where the people of Madrid at the time could enjoy the Gabino Tortillas. Delicious and traditional, they incorporated some foods that are still used today in the preparation of this delicacy. By the year 2000, a new place emulated the restaurant of yesteryear under the motto 'Meal House'. Later it was opened in the neighborhood of Chamberí an establishment in which to delight the palate with tortillas and other dishes.

Variety of Gabino's tortillas

Among the different recipes that give rise to rich and juicy Gabino tortillas you can find the classic that the chef himself prepared, the so-called Velazqueña. Others are potato chips with gazpacho, octopus Galician style, from Casar cake, black or stewed with calluses.

But, in addition to this star dish from the restaurant, you can start your feast with some incoming between croquettes, anchovies, salads or salads. Then after trying one of those tortillas, nothing better than some meat like those that serve on the premises. Exquisite delicacies of veal, Iberian secret, chicken or even duck, although if you are more of a fish, you can order whatever there is that day.

Now to finalize the menu, on the desserts You have plenty to choose from as well: ice cream, sorbets, cakes or puddings. Culminate the gastronomic experience in Gabino's Tortillas in such a sweet-to-eat way while you stop to contemplate the setting of the place, decorated with small lamps and a white brick wall. Tradition and innovation, united. Book Now your online table is that easy!

Gabino's Tortillas
Omelette served in a clay plate / Photo: lastortillasdegabino.com