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Protein desserts, beyond the smoothie

The protein desserts they are born from the rise of the protein powder. This is a fundamental part of the diet of millions of people. We are not talking about athletes of competition only. We also do it for all those people concerned about the tone of their muscles. Fitness enthusiasts constitute a market for themselves. That is why in this article we propose different options when consuming this supplement. Make your muscles grow with these delicious recipes.

Protein desserts? Doping?

First of all, remember that protein powder is not a doping substance. It is just a supplement that consists of the same protein that we find in food. Whey, for example, comes from the process of making milk. So, we only add to the body an extra of something that it needs to repair the muscles after exercise and make them grow. Relax, moms and dads, your children do not consume steroids in shake format. Steroids cause muscle to grow on its own. Protein only works if you train correctly.

Whey protein muffins with blueberry jam

The blueberry leaves no one indifferent. Considered by many as superfood, stands out for its concentration of Vitamin C y Antioxidants. In this case, the production process is almost identical to that of normal muffins. The only difference is the fact of adding whey protein with the flour at the time of making the . It's a simple example of how to quickly increase your protein intake with minimal effort.

Homemade protein yogurt with strawberries

Unlike that of Mercadona, we do this by hand. The process is inexpensive as well as simple. We catch strawberries and we break them into small pieces before freezing them overnight. After this we mix them with Greek yogurt and we beat them again with a scoop of protein. To improve its presentation you can serve it in a glass cup with a few pieces of strawberry on top. Yummy!

Among the protein desserts, the pancakes stand out
Protein pancakes are strong and go well with fruits such as banana or strawberry / @ MyproteinES on Twitter

Protein Chocolate Pancakes

The preparation is very similar to that of classic pancakes. They throw two eggs in the blender with a glass of milk (cow's milk or vegetable drink). After that, we add a scoop of protein powder together with one of oatmeal. The latter should have a cocoa flavor. Otherwise, we must be in possession of some cocoa powder to put it in the blender. It is beaten well and when the dough is liquid enough, we pass it to the pan with some of butter. Be careful not to stick!

Homemade protein gelatin

Very simple recipe for the whole family. We heat milk in a saucepan without boiling. We remove it from the fire and pour an envelope of gelatin neutral. We stir until the gelatin is completely diluted. Once dissolved, we add the whole protein scoop. The resulting gelatin takes on the flavor of protein, so you can get creative.

Protein coffee with cocoa

Ideal for addicts to caffeine but not for baristas. The operation is simple. It consists of mixing a Coffee only with 1 with only 150ml milk (of which we like). After which we add half a scoop of whey protein, preferably with a neutral flavor. In case it is chocolate, we can skip the following ingredient: cocoa powder. We only need five grams of this for the energy drink that gives us an extra protein.

Whey Protein Battered Chicken Breasts

We curl the curl. Chicken breast is already a protein-rich food in and of itself. We fillet the breasts and we fry on the grill. In a separate plate we beat two eggs and in another we mix the protein with the salt and the spices. We pass the breasts through the beaten egg and then through the spice plate. After that, we will bake them for approximately 10 minutes at 220 degrees. This is how the food par excellence of the sportsman.

protein coffee
Protein Coffee / @ SkyNutrition on Twitter


Limiting yourself to the protein shake can get tiring. From the newsroom we invite you, an athlete, to look for increasingly creative options. There is a whole world of possibilities to discover in the world of protein dessertsGo for them!