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What are jelly beans? Sweet for everyone

Everybody likes baubles. There has always been a store where they sold them around the corner. That is why these products have so many Lovers. Butwhat are jelly beans? Discover its origin and its contributions to health.

What are jelly beans?

Gummies or gummies are sweets with a great taste and texture. In addition, there are many types. That is, they have many shapes, flavors, and colors. Sure you had your too Favorite. But do you know its origin? Believe it or not, the origin of gummies is totally animal. However, there are some that are made with certain substitutes. As for example the gelatin.

On the other hand, the main ingredient in these products is gelatin. Which is obtained from boiled tendons, skins and bones of dead animals. Which provide texture to food. In addition, this raw material is obtained directly from tanneries and slaughterhouses. And, different pretreatments are carried out. Therefore, gummies are products ultra-processed. To a greater or lesser extent.

What are jelly beans
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Moderate consumption

You have been able to verify that the manufacturing process of the jelly beans is something unpleasant. But, its consumption it is not harmful to health. So they are full of collagen and amino acids. These help to regenerate both damaged skin and cartilage. Although, as is obvious, its consumption must be moderate. This is because some of them contain a lot of sugar and additives.

Surely you know some of the candies best known in the world. As are, for example, gummy bears. Which were created by Hans Rigel in the early 1920s. It was then that he started his more than well-known brand of sweets, Haribo.


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Are you also a lover of this type of food? Now that you know what are jelly beans, you must go to your trusted store and take your favorite. Its flavor hooks both children and adults. It even provides some benefits to your health.