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Loss of smell and taste due to COVID-19: preventable?

Have you lost your sense of smell and taste because of the COVID-19? The parosmia, a disease associated with partial or complete loss of smell and taste, was little known before the pandemic. Some experience it as symptoms and others carry it as a sequel. That is why there are many medical and scientific journals that have investigated about it. It is the case of the Yale School of Medicine, in Connecticut (United States). However, it should be noted that this did unintentionally You want to know more? Keep reading!

The drug that prevents loss of smell and taste due to COVID-19

The purpose of the team led by Dr. joseph vinetz, an infectious disease specialist, wanted to find out if an oral medication commonly used to treat pancreatitis reduced the viral load of the COVID-19 while thus reducing their symptoms. During the investigation they got bad news and good news. Which one do you want to know first? The bad news is that the drug did not significantly reduce viral load or symptoms. However, they realized a different but positive finding.

Loss of smell and taste is a frequent symptom of coronavirus / Source: Pixabay

As explained by the Dr Vinetz "Patients who received the drug did not lose their sense of smell or taste." This discovery is quite encouraging in the fight against the symptoms and sequelae of the disease. It allows avoiding the loss of these two senses, both fundamental for the human being. Not only for not being able to taste the food correctly, but for example, to detect a gas leak or a fire. However, the loss of these senses directly influences the quality of life of people and, therefore, avoiding this possible sequel is great news.