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Nutriscore, the new labeling

The fight for the best food is being fought by millions of people around the world. Knowing if something is healthy based on its nutritional value is something that more and more people want to know. Today there are many foods that contain an excess of fats or sugars. These are often avoided to maintain a healthy diet, so we look at labels and ingredients. But in many cases the information is not easily accessible or is written in small print. To facilitate this task, the system has been proposed Nutriscore, a system that will facilitate knowing the nutritional value of each product. Next we are going to give you the information you need to benefit from this new labeling.

ADIEX of Nutriscore in France, where it has already been implemented

This strategy is framed within a plan in which the main initiative is to avoid obesity and especially childhood obesity. 5 large multinational food producers and distributors have developed a labeling system in which we can know the amount of saturated fat, sugar, salt, calories, fiber and protein in each product. Now, this proposal is pending drafting by Health and after being approved by the Government it will have to be validated by Congress. A somewhat long process but one that we hope will reach the Spanish markets as soon as possible. In France, this measure has been in place for a few months.

Nutriscore Label
Nutriscore Label

The system Nutriscore labeling

It consists of a color chart ranging from dark to dark red. Green will indicate products with a better nutrient balance. Therefore, these will be the healthiest foods and products. Among these colors will be yellow, which will remain for foods that have a medium quality. There will be a total of 5 different colors: A, B, C, D and E. This will be calculated based on each 100 gr of the product in question and not by portions, as the multinationals wanted to establish. This could be misleading and OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users). For this, it is much better that the information is indicated on the basis of each 100gr of product.

Without a doubt it is a very interesting measure to obtain more clearly and directly information about the great products that we are going to buy and consume. In addition, the degree of processing of the product will also be assessed with the Nutriscore system. Likewise, the presence of additives will be known. It is a very interesting measure.Nutrition Labeling

Another government measure

With the aim of reinforcing the NAOS Strategy (Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Prevention of Obesity) the Government plans another measure. It will ban the sale of unhealthy products in schools. There are many children who suffer from childhood obesity, with this it is expected to reduce the figures. «Contracts for the awarding of suppliers, catering, canteens and machines de vendingThey must have nutritional quality criteria in addition to those of safety that are already required. "

We are talking about the fact that in Spain, approximately one 40% of minors are overweight. Of these, 19% of children and 17% suffer from obesity.

For the health of our children, the elderly and the general population, we support this measure from Great Products. All those that have to do with improving the quality of our purchase are welcome. As well as having more information about all the products.