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Less grape but excellent in the DO Toro

a 2019 DO Toro record

The harvest in the Designation of Origin Toro (DO Bull) fired the starting gun on August 24. A few weeks earlier than usual, although the grape harvest will become general from the middle of September. With an estimate of 20 million Kg of grapes.

“After last year, which was super-productive, we now estimate that the production of this campaign will be around 20 million or even not exceed them. Taking into account that it is being one of the driest years on record ”.

That explains the president of the Denomination of Origin, Felipe Nada. It is estimated that so far it has rained a third of the annual average.

Excellent grape quality in DO Toro

The lack of rain and the characteristics of the climate and soils existing in the DO Bull However, they have favored the absence of diseases in the vineyard. The grapes harvested will be of a quality Excellent, with a very good balance between alcoholic strength and acidity.

In recent days it has been calculated that the falling water ranges between 15 or 20 liters per half square in some areas. Up to 70 or 80 liters per square meter in others. This water is beneficial because it helps the grape to finish ripening, as explained Philip Nalda:

"You have to be careful with temperatures and storms, control the sanitary stage."

The president of the DO Bull He adds that, on the other hand, “it is being a very windy summer. A phenomenon that helps the bunches to dry out and there are no problems of botrytis«.

La Toro Designation of Origin he was lucky with the late frosts and hail. It affected less than 8% of the vineyard area, which later "recovered without problems." Now we will have to wait for the weather to favor winegrowers and winemakers for the next few weeks.

12 wineries begin to open

According to Carlos Gallego, supervisor of the Toro Regulatory Council, they are expected to be open for the weekend 12 wineries. All of them received the Designation of Origin and it is estimated that the total amount collected will be 100.000 kg of grapes. Of which about 85.000 kg correspond to Bull ink. The rest to the white variety Malmsey.