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ElBulli reopens as a museum

On June 15, elBulli1846 will open its doors for the first time. It will be the first restaurant in the world turned into a museum. A unique space, located in the mythical Cala Montjoi, in the Cap de Creus Natural Park (Girona). A space created and designed to safeguard the legacy of elBulli. Also promote an innovative attitude and generate quality content for education and self-learning in gastronomic restoration.

This Monday April 17 You can already buy the museum tickets through the web elbullifoundation.com. It can be visited during a period of three months (from June 15 to September 16).

elBulli1846, covers a space of about four thousand square meters (2500 m2 outside and 1300 m2 inside) through which a tour is proposed, which induces reflection on gastronomy and innovation. A way of paying tribute to all Bullinianos, explaining the history of elBulli as a company, as well as all the projects carried out by elBullifoundation, including Bullipedia and elBulliDNA

The El Bulli museum is called elBulli1846

For Ferran Adria, alma mater of the project and who made elBulli the best restaurant in the world, elBulli1846 “It intends to safeguard the legacy of elBulli. And above all, that the people who did not come, but also those who came, can understand what happened here, how we did it so that elBulli was elBulli”.

Through sixty-nine artistic, conceptual and audiovisual installations, the museum offers visitors all the resources to understand why elBulli was elBulli and changed the paradigm of world gastronomy. In addition, he explains, with several of the projects led by the foundation, why elBulli is still alive. A way of explaining and sharing how, beyond the past, he looks towards the future to continue making history.

What is cooking? How did cooking begin? What is creating? What intermediate processes are involved in the day-to-day of gastronomic restoration? ElBulli1846 invites you to reflect on knowledge and innovation. In this sense, Lluís García, general director of the foundation, affirms: “We want all the people who visit the museum to understand how elBullirestaurante managed to generate such a great impact worldwide. At the same time as provoking in them a reflection on their relationship with knowledge and innovation”.

A journey of emotions for those who visited elBulli

Upon entering the historic building that housed elBullirestaurante for fifty years (and which has been fully preserved), the visitor will read, "to create is not to copy" .A phrase that gives meaning to everything you will find inside the iconic space that housed the most influential restaurant in the world.

Ferran Adrià acknowledges that in this new stage there are two possible visits: "The one who has already been in the dining room of elBullirestaurante and who is going to be moved by this visit because memories will come back to him. Then, that of the people who have never been there, who will be able to experience it in a different way, very beautiful and special”. And adds: "Will it be able to eat? No, otherwise it would be a restaurant. Our motto is to eat knowledge, I think it is a very nice metaphor to explain what one is going to find at elBulli1846”.

The dining room is another setting for the visit, with all the original elements – original tablecloths, crockery and glassware. Everything in the same place and that will allow a service to be experienced again in the elBulli dining room. Like the kitchen where Ferran Adrià, Juli Soler and the creative team conceived the 1846 final creations that were tasted. It will allow a better understanding of the planning, organization and operation system of a gastronomic restaurant and in which twenty-eight iconic elBulli dishes have been recreated.

The future and elBulli

The visitor will be able to discover what elBulli learned from other disciplines and how they fed back on its innovative capacity with a visit to the building dedicated to interdisciplinary relations. In it, you will find the diagrams, notebooks and maps to create, the world of art or Ferran Adrià's crucial trip to Japan, etc. The tour ends with elBulliDNA, one of the most visually disruptive installations. It has the shape of a rock and integrates into the landscape of Cap de Creus where, from June to September, it will show all the projects and labs that have been carried out from 2011 to today. And the rest of the year, it will be the space conceived for the research carried out at elBulli1846.

Lluís García, general director of elBullifoundation, affirms: “We are very happy to reopen the doors of this place that meant so much to millions of people. Also to add wealth to an increasingly powerful cultural offer in our environment”.