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Torta del Casar, the cheese to share this Christmas

With the Christmas holidays comes the time to share a table with family and friends. For all this there is a food that is excellent. We are talking about the Torta del Casar, a cheese with designation of origin and fantastic to enjoy in company.

Torta del Casar is made following traditional methods. Its base is raw sheep's milk - from controlled herds -, vegetable rennet and salt. It is a completely natural cheese that has a golden rind and a white or ivory paste. It has a creamy texture and a slightly bitter and very little salty taste.

It all starts when the farmers milk the sheep twice a day, thus obtaining fresh milk, with flavors and aromas that will later emerge in the cheese. Subsequently, the master cheesemakers make the product in an artisanal way. They do this with techniques such as turning it daily or taping each Torta del Casar to prevent the crust from breaking.

La Torta del Casar, thanks to its certified origin, has a special quality guarantee. This protected cheese is easy to identify because it has a red and gold badge on its control label, a guarantee of origin and quality.


Tips for consuming Torta del Casar

To enjoy the maximum flavor of this cheese you have to follow some steps. First of all, the cheese should be kept in the refrigerator or in a cool, dry place, at a temperature between 6 and 12 degrees. When the time comes to consume it, it should be removed from the refrigeration source and allowed to cool to approximately 21 degrees. In this way we will fully enjoy the qualities of its texture, aroma and taste.

The Wedding Cake should never be heated in the microwave because it could melt and lose its properties. In any case, if it is too cold at the time of serving, you can use a soft, indirect heat source.

To present it on the table, it must be opened with a knife at the top, as if removing a lid. Subsequently, you should hold the cheese with one hand on a table, and with the other, insert a pointed knife through the top, with little inclination. Next, you have to turn the cheese little by little, as if you were opening a can, to remove a 'lid'. Once opened, this lid is left aside, and with a blunt knife or a spoon, the creamy paste is extracted. When finished, you must return the lid to its original place to preserve it. Once opened, Torta del Casar PDO cheese can be kept in optimal conditions for between 15 and 20 days. After that time, its color may darken and lose creaminess, although it may gain in flavor. Enjoy!