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Vegan picada: is it possible?

La dive is one of the dishes Colombians most characteristic that exist. Many people associate this frying with meat and parties, since they are usually eaten in this situation, and meat abounds in the dishes. But… Is it possible to prepare a vegan mince? Today we tell you in this article. Find out!

A vegan snack

La dive (also known as frying) is a typical dish of the Colombian gastronomy which consists of frying various types of meat and mixing them with cheeses. It is not necessary that they are meats exclusively, they are also added Petacones, arepas, fried yucca, creole potatoes, sausages, tomatoes... It is a great mixture of fried in a single dish that must be consumed with care, since taking it habitually can lead to problems related to cholesterol.

This dish is especially tailored To prepare. If you stop to think about it, it only requires a frying pan, oil and the necessary ingredients for its preparation. Many people agree that when they are tired work, cook or day to day, the simplest dish that comes to mind is a delicious freshly made mince But… what about the vegans? Are they able to enjoy this simple food somehow?

vegan mince
Pan in which various foods are fried | Source: Pixabay

Well yes, it is possible to create a dish that supplements the diet feature of the vegans. The most important thing is to know what we are going for and eliminate all foods from animals from our ingredients. We will also remove the cheese and we will replace them with alternatives that can be fried without problem. In this way, the spirit of the picada will not be lost despite changing its main flavors.

vegan alternatives

There are products and ingredients that yes or yes they have to be. olive paste, hummus, onion rings, grilled vegetables, eggplant rolls, sweet potato chips with guacamole and nachos. You could also incorporate mini fried eggplants, green and black olives, sandwiches vegetables with basil sauce, French fries and dressings. Why is your mouth starting to water?

vegan mince
Box with fruits and vegetables | Source: enjoyyverdura.com

In a dive complete with cheeses and meats you can eat up to 1.500 calories with a single plate. In a vegetarian or vegan, on the other hand, the diversity of flavors and options is facilitated, greatly reducing the calories and fat we consume. that's why it is interesting consider this alternative even if you do not follow a vegan diet, because the benefits in your body can be more than positive.

At home you can innovate in flavors better than anywhere. You must always take into account the diversity of products to cover the largest number of tastes. Usually the chopped They are always to share. It is good to put as many options as possible, so that everyone can create their perfect dish. In addition to the vegetables, do not forget to accompany the dishes with some drink do him justice.

Vegan picada recipes

To start off on the right foot to carry out your vegan chopped, We are going to provide you with a recipe that is sure to die for on your plates:

Hummus chickpea

  • Half a kilo of chickpeas
  • Lemon juice
  • Tahini (sesame paste)
  • One garlic clove
  • Sal Island
  • Olive oil
  • Chopped parsley
vegan mince
Hummus plate | Source: Better with health

The first thing is to cook chickpeas in water and salt for an hour. After this, we drain them and reserve a cup of the cooking water. we blend the chickpeas adding the water that we have set aside until there is a homogeneous paste. Then we add the Tahini, the peeled and crushed garlic clove, the lemon juice and the salt. It we mix all until a paste with a smooth consistency remains.

Eggplant rolls

  • Eggplant
  • Tomate seco
  • Arugula
  • tybo cheese

Cut it off eggplant into thin slices and put them in the oven with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper for 5 minutes. then leave them cool a while. Put to hydrate in hot water dry tomatoes until tender and cut into thin strips. With the cold aubergine slices, make small rolls placing inside a piece of Tybo cheese, dried tomato and 4 rocket leaves.

What do you think? Have you been wanting a vegan snack?