Wines of Patagonia, where you least expect it!

When you think of some of the most popular products in Spain, the wine. And it is that, it is usually present in all the celebrations. However, the national territory is not the sole producer of this drink. In fact, there are areas in the world that you could never imagine producing a broth with such good characteristics. Therefore, today we are going to show you the Patagonian wines. Do you want to know their characteristics and the main ones growing areas of the vine? A quality product from the other side of the world!

Is it possible to produce wines from Patagonia?

Surely, if someone tells you that it is possible to grow in the Patagonia Argentina, you tell him that he is not in his right mind. But the truth is that he is right. It is also that the wines that are born there are Spectacular. All this is possible because the vine resists extreme temperatures as few plants do. Despite the adverse conditions, it continues its cycle until it bears fruit. That later, they will become wines with character of these latitudes.

The postcard full of vines is repeated throughout Patagonia. The vineyards occupy more than 3.000 hectares of the country, spread over several provinces. However, they only represent the 2% of total grown in the country. Although, its large pioneer producers, are becoming more and more noticeable in the market. Always with projects that explore and challenge southern limits. To highlight all these qualities, every year the Patagonia Wines Expo. Where different references explain why they bet on such a challenging project.

Patagonia wines

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The best wines of Patagonia

The new Chubut wines They are one of the most sought after on the market. From the province they confirm that they have 125 hectares y 8 active wineries. It should be noted that despite their small surface area, the region that is making the most noise in the sector is that of Trevelin. One of the keys to these wines is that they are grown in areas with minimum temperatures below -4 degree. In addition, they are threatened with frost during the summer. While the maxims can exceed 30 in January.

It is important that you know that the weather is very extreme. So the wineries they always have to have the anti-frost systems. With those who water their vineyards. These large temperature variations influence the personality. In addition to character, developing unique wines of marked natural acidity. The main wine producers in the area are Casa Yagüe, Viñas del Nant y Fall and Contra Corriente.

The forgotten area

One of the areas with the longest history is Black river. It is here where one of the most important wine establishments in Argentina was born, Humberto Canale. Founded in 1909. Along with it, there is another area that was forgotten, Colorado River. Experts assure that the latter is a complete abandoned wine industry over time, with vineyards over 60 years old. All of them in the wild.

But, thanks to everyone's action, they managed to recover this large area of ​​exploitation. One of the points in favor of this sector is that, having been abandoned for so long, it was easier be organic. In addition, the wines were bathed by concepts of the biodynamics.

Patagonian wine

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Everything stays in the family

En Neuquén there is a very small family project who is coming to take his first steps. His name is West gate. Its creator assures that she did not know anything about viticulture. But, he learned about the great qualities that wine has and set out to plant a vineyard. Thanks to this simple act, accompanied by a great effort, the couple elaborates some 5.000 bottles of artisan wine. All this with own grapes and that are cultivated with agroecological techniques.

Among its wines, the Malbec, Pinot Noir y Chardonnay. Although, they are currently starting to produce Cabermet Fran y Torrontés Riojano. It is possible that the great boom they are experiencing is due to the low production they have. That is, sometimes how much is not as good as how little is properly cared for.


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Although they are not as well known as others, Patagonian wines are starting to stand out. His taste and quality They are worth mentioning, from here we encourage you to try any of them. What do you think it will be Your favorite?

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