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Farmers can run out of feed

The Spanish farmers they are already afraid of running out I think. Why? Well, because the Russian invasion of Ukraine has stopped the cereal trade with these two big producers. How prepared is Spain to guarantee its food sovereignty? How much time do we have until it runs out? Let's see it.

Can Spain run out of feed?

The geoeconomic disaster caused by the war in Ukraine threatens the food sovereignty of Europeans. As we have already seen in another article, Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and Russia that of the world. This implies that the prices of sunflower and the wheat have increased in recent days. The rise has also taken place in the cereals that we use as feed, which is very worrying.

During the last two weeks the price of this has risen a 16% . This is skyrocketing and is expected to continue. The above figure is significant since the increase had been occurring for a few months. From June a in February the prices of feed increased a 20% , reaching the $400 the ton. That is why it is worrying that in just two weeks it has been able to climb so much and that a ton already costs 500.


mad cows/feed
Spain needs to import feed to meet its demand / Source: Pixabay

How much do we have left?

Asaja (Agrarian Association of Young Farmers) ensures that at the moment we do not have supply problems. The bottom line is that there is only feed left to cover the needs until the end of April. What will happen in May is unknown. They do not know if the trade with Russia y Ukraine it will have been resumed since no one can foresee the war situation by then. The association values ​​other providers such as Argentina y USA. However, these have the disadvantage of lower production due to drought.

This association wants the UE take immediate measures with a view to the new sowing of cereal in Spain. The drought we are experiencing makes this task difficult, so its short-term priority is opening up to new markets. It is clear, then, the importance of guaranteeing our food sovereignty. The scarcity of feed will translate into a cost increase both meat and eggs and dairy. Are we headed for a forced reduction in consumption?