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Fontaneda cookies, new specialties

All experts agree that the breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. For this, there are products of all kinds and with immense quality. But, if you think about the most famous brands, the first thing that will come to mind are the Fontaneda cookies. Without a doubt, they are a food that has been appearing on all Spanish tables since time immemorial. In fact, this company was born 140 years ago. But, in addition to these cookies, the brand continues to innovate. Proof of this is the creation of your new selection range. Choose the best products to start the day!

Two new Fontaneda products

A new innovation comes from the hand of fontaneda, the renowned brand of cookies belonging to Mondelez International, Inc.. And it is that the brand has just launched its new Selection range. In this way, they are thus incorporated into the category of Our Services with two new products. These are the Palmeritas Fountain y Fontaneda Wafers. Both creations have top quality ingredients and combine a texture and flavor that will make you want to repeat every morning.

With the former, the brand has been able to make available to all its customers Palmeritas De Hojaldre glazed, thin and crisp. Which will make you forget any other similar product that you have tried before. On the other hand, the latter combine a thin waffle with a soft touch of hazelnut. The two foods make up the new range Fontaneda Selection, as we have already mentioned before and they are already available at your nearest point of sale. You could say that they have come at great speed and to stay.

Fontaneda Cookies
Assortment of Fontaneda cookies. Source: Cupcakes (pinterest.com)

140 years of Fontaneda cookies

All the Fontaneda cookies have led the breakfast segment familiar and the segment digestive for many years. But now Fontaneda is entering Our Services, a category that registered a market value growth of more than 2% during the year 2020 compared to the previous year. It should be noted that these launches coincide with the 140 anniversary of the company. Time in which it has managed to be one of the most recognized brands and with more presence in Spanish homes. In fact, a large part of Spanish families acknowledge having consumed or are currently consuming the delicious Fontaneda products.

The senior managers of this food company have been ensuring throughout its history that the growth that their food has experienced is thanks to the Trust of its consumers. And it is that, they have been doing more than a century Fontaneda cookies with a unique and spectacular flavor. In addition, they confirm that, with these launches, they reinforce the entire potential They have their products and fall into one of the categories most valued by their consumers. A link It seems unbreakable for at least another 140 years.


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A strong commitment

Fontaneda has been the standard bearer of the program in Spain Harmony Commitment since 2011. This initiative promotes the sustainable wheat cultivation and It is developed by Mondelez International. It is important that you know that this determination is achieving excellent results. Since in 2020 a harvest of about 27.000 tons of sustainable wheat, thanks to the participation of 138 farmers of 11 agricultural cooperatives in Navarra, Castilla y León and Aragon.

Therefore, the objective of the program is to promote a more integrated y respectful with the environment. In addition, the bet for preserve biodiversity it is essential in all this aspect. And, last but not least, currently 65% ​​of the wheat needed to make the Fontaneda cookies It is provided through the Harmony Compromise. And, looking to 2022, the goal is to supply the 100% wheat necessary for all of Europe.


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From Fontaneda cookies to bars

Together with the two great releases that you have already known before, you will be able to find the new ones Fontaneda Fruit & Nuts cereal bars with chocolate and hazelnuts. The characteristics of this new product do not leave anyone indifferent. Well they have a very particular texture, consisting of five cereals, whole hazelnuts and chocolate. In this way, the brand has managed to integrate into two categories that are constantly on the rise in recent times.

Are you one of the many people who choose to enjoy the Fontaneda cookies at breakfast time? If you are, it is clear that you know how to choose best products From the market. In addition, now you can purchase a greater range of the most sought-after foods for the first moments of the day. With you for many years and forever.