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LAUS: wines and serenity

LAUS Winery may be your next preferred tourist destination. Located in Huesca offers you the possibility to enjoy the best wines of the area. Accompanying and teaching you all the wine process, from the vineyard to your glass. But not only that, it also has a relaxation tourism. Immersed in nature and with various anti-stress activities. Do you want to know more about this place? We tell you everything

LAUS Winery

LAUS Winery is one of the more specials in Huesca and, we could say, from Spain. Therefore it is not surprising that it is within the Wine Route of Somontano. A guide showing the best wine tasting sites found in the areas between the Ebro valley and the Pyrenees.

It is a wine cellar in which you breathe a certain air "zen". It may be due to its location, since it is located in Huesca. With the Carrodilla and Guara mountains and the Pueyo monastery facing her. In addition, its modern facilities convey that pleasant sensation. That is, the environment and its interior adhere to spread tranquility.

LAUS Winery
exterior of the LAUS Winery / fountain; instagram user @bodegalaus

Two different experiences

LAUS Winery is a practically natural scenery. In which a modern and minimalist building is born. Consisting of a combination of yi-king philosophy and activities and experiences within it. Idea represented in the logo itself. Symbolized by the earth in yi-King that synthesizes its essence. I mean, the soil where the vineyard sits. According to this idea, the LAUS winery offers two experiences to its visitors.

The first, totally wine tourism. It encompasses a walk through the vineyards, the origin of the wine towards its production process. Ending with the tasting of some of its references. Also, taking into account that some of its visitors are starting in the world of wine. Invites you to discover the secrets of oenology through initiation workshops.

The other option is dedicated to those who seek calm. From them is born LAUS & Yoga, as a hallmark of the winery. In a place in absolute contact with nature, various activities such as yoga or mindfulness are offered. With these the traveler can attend sessions of stress reduction. Likewise, they also have activities in which you enjoy the relaxing sound of water and birdsong.

LAUS wines

Returning to its winemaking function. LAUS has state-of-the-art manufacturing and marketing facilities. Located between 350 and 400 meters above sea level. Height that contributes special qualities to the UVA. Thus allowing the kaleidoscope of LAUS sand distribute between white, pink y Reds.


LAUS rosé wine
Bottle of rosé wine from Bodega LAUS / source: instagram user @bodegalaus

LAUS rosé wines have two varieties: Syrah and Garnacha. It is a wine with pale pink color and crystalline appearance. On the nose, it has a very clean and fruity smell, with clear hints of strawberry, candy, red berries and violets. While the flavor is sweet, fresh and with a smooth passage on the palate. It is a very pleasant and balanced wine.

White Wine

A one hundred percent Chardonay wine. This is a wine bank luminous appearance, lemon yellow color with green and steely sparkles, typical of his youth. On the nose, it has a complex smell and an elegant fruity aroma. In this, citrus and tropical fruits stand out (lemon peel, pear in syrup, pineapple and ripe banana). In addition, its flavor is tasty, powerful and fresh, whose taste is very long and pleasant that invites you to try it.

Barriaca Red


It has three varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. It is a wine whose cherry red color, with purple and red hues mark its youth. On the nose, its aroma of red fruits stands out with a touch of nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds, etc. Referring to the flavor we highlight its softness.

Red Reserve

Its only variation is the Cabernet Sauvignon. This red wine has a great layer of ruby red color and crystalline appearance with red and garnet hues. its smell is intense. Thus marking the aromas of the oak barrel, toasted wood, smoke, pastry, highly integrated with ripe fruit and raspberry jam. In the mouth, the fruity flavors of the grape and those from the barrel are assembled giving nuances of chocolates, leather, spices and ripe fruits.

Our conclusion is that the LAUS winery is a perfect destination for eno. Do you want to disconnect from the routine, with a glass of wine? Nothing better than doing it in this natural space in Huesca.