Spain is undoubtedly one of the countries with the highest gastronomic quality. There are products for all kinds of events and celebrations. And, they are capable of adapting to any daily situation. Among these foods, surely you know the meat of pig. The one that each region has known how to interpret and preserve in the best conditions. Therefore, today we present you the best Galician sausage. Surely you already know most of them, but some will leave you with your mouth open and wanting to take a good bite. Are you ready to discover the best of the best in the North Zone of the national territory?

The best Galician sausage

If Spain is characterized by something, and in this case Galicia, it is because it has a wide range of meat products. All of them very traditional and with a quality worthy of admiration. And the thing is, these are products that you will only be able to find here. In addition, they have behind their back centuries of history with which they have managed to reach the value they currently have. It is worth highlighting the impressive materials with which you work and the great dedication of the producers in its elaboration.

But, the safest thing is that when you hear about the Galician gastronomy, the first thing that comes to mind is the shellfish. And the reality is that this area has a great variety of these products. However, they also have meat of immense quality. Along with the well-known beef that they raise in their large meadows, they also produce some pig food. Here we present and show you some of the best.

Galician sausage

Galician sausage. Source:

The king of Galician sausage

Although not as popular in other national areas, the lacon is rising as the king of the Galician sausage. It is one of the most popular pork products typical from the north of Spain. It comes from front legs of the pig. And, for its preparation, a process quite similar to that of Serrano ham is followed. The appearance of this product is clean and firm, with a consistent muscle mass. In addition, its fat is quite dense and whitish. All of this gives you a special touch by which its flavor is characterized.

If you are interested in knowing more about this great product, you should know that its texture is very firm. Although, it always depends on your degree of cure. Surely you have ever seen it in your nearest supermarket. Well, his flesh is colored light pink, aromatic and with a mild and slightly salty flavor. Last but not least, the aroma of the pork shoulder could be described as quite nice.

The great unknown

Surely you have rarely heard the word androlla. But, it is one of the great products of the Galician sausage. It is very typical of the provinces of Ourense and Lugo, especially in the bordering areas of El Bierzo. This food is made almost entirely of rib. Which is then marinated with garlic, sweet and spicy paprika. This meat gets into a large intestine gut and undergoes a process of smoked. Thanks to these steps, the androlla gets its characteristic flavor.

If you are interested, and you want to taste it, you should know that it is usually eaten cooked. And, accompanied by cachelos, collard greens or even turnip greens. Have a spicy taste with an exquisite relationship between sweet and salty. As a curious fact, Galician chef experts recommend wrap it in a cloth when cooked so that it does not burst.

Galician sausage

Androlla. Source:

Galician chorizo

In this case, the sausage It is a food known both in Spain and internationally. But, in Galicia you can find some of the best. It is made with pork with 50% of thin and the same as bacon and grease. Once this meat is minced, salt, sweet and spicy paprika and garlic are added, responsible for its intense aroma. Also of its red color, homogeneous and soft texture.

In this northern area there are different varieties of chorizo. Among them stands out the ceboleiro, to which, as its name suggests, onion and other seasonings are added. Although, you may be interested in other options such as the Pontevedra chorizo Ouzande de Bandeira or the landlord of To Golada.

Have you had a chance to try some of these great products? The Galician sausage It is one of those that hide the most secrets, both in its preparation and in its taste. And the thing is, they are foods of immense quality. They will all do the delights of young people and adults on a visit to northern lands.

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