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El Águila and El Alcázar return at Heineken

Back to the origins. The renowned brewing company Heineken announced this week that will relaunch two of its most historic Spanish beers. The advance arrives after 20 years without both being on the market. But in this 2019, the company has decided that they return to the supermarket shelves with a renewed image and recipe. So, both The Eagle as The quarterdeck they can be consumed again.

El Águila, one of the first Spanish beers

With this brand -The Eagle- one of the first Spanish beers began to be marketed by Heineken, who bought it in 1984. Now, after so many years of being absent, it returns with an elaboration inspired by its origins.

Simply put, the tasting note reveals that it is a “special beer, easy to drink and very balanced. It combines the intensity of caramelized malt with the freshness of a blend of hops. ' In addition, this novel The Eagle add another variety to your recipe: Lemon drop.

Regarding your imageThe animal that gives it its name does appear on the bottle, of course, but it varies quite a bit from the old one in its logo. This is "drawn by hand in honor of its founder, who was a painter" and shows "the creativity of the century that saw it born." In addition, it pays tribute to Madrid neighborhood of Delicias, where your first factory. All this is read in the statement of Heineken.

The Eagle It will be available in 33 and 20 centiliter bottles, but also in barrel. It will be made in San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid).

Likewise, the jinense El Alcázar is resurrected

With its own identity of the province of Jaén, this brand of beer also resurrects in this 2019 and, furthermore, in the same factory who drew it up for the first time. In 1985, The quarterdeck was absorbed by crossfield, who continued to elaborate it. But it stopped selling just four years ago, when it was replaced by the Cruzcampo Special, beer made in The Imora.

In that original place, now a beer returns The quarterdeck with "body, intense flavor and strong aromatic notes," according to the statement. The new bottle also recovers its origin through green of 1928 and the Castle of Santa Catalina.