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World Tapa Day, how curious!

To accompany the hot days ahead, there is nothing better than a good beer alongside a proper aperitif. Or rather, a delicious tapa. And it is that it is a very widespread term around the planet in recent times. In fact, this July 17 is celebrated Tapa World Day . Do you know the the origin and history of this Spanish tradition? It is at least curious everything that surrounds the world of gastronomy as far as these products are concerned. Without a doubt, you will end the open mouth and ... not to give you a bite to eat!

What is the goal of World Tapas Day?

Before going on to the many stories about the appearance of tapas, it is necessary to highlight the objective pursued by the Tapa World Day . This is something very positive for the sector. At the end of the day, it's about vindicate and value tapas and the act of tapas as one of the essential moments of Spanish gastronomic culture. Therefore, a way that is much more engaging and for gastronomic tourism, both for national and international visitors. In short, it is an excuse to enjoy the best tapas from all regions.

In fact, last year this day was already celebrated, although, in a different way and with a different purpose to 2021. Since what was previously intended was that World Tapa Day become a reactivating element consumption in hospitality. All this as a result of the hard weeks that the arrival of the coronavirus. This is so because at that time it was not yet known how long this critical reality would last for the hotel and restaurant sector.

Tapa World Day
Squid tapa. Source: annarecetasfaciles.com (pinterest.com)

Possible origins of tapas

There are different explanations about how tapas appeared in Spanish gastronomic culture. But, the most reliable are only three. In the first place, there are those who affirm that the origin goes back to the Middle Ages, during the reign of Alfonso X the Wise in the XNUMXth century. As you well know, if you are a history lover, this king suffered multitude of diseases and for one of them he was forced to take a few sips of wine by prescription, or so they say. Then for avoiding the effects of alcohol, took small bites between meals accompanying the drink.

The second legend involves the Catholic Monarchs. And it is that, due to the growth of the incidents caused by the carters at the exit of the taverns, the government gave the order to serve the glass of wine or the mug of beer accompanied by a tapa. But, in this case, it consisted of a plate with some cold food, whether it was ham, cheese or whatever the innkeeper had on hand. Therefore, customers had to finish the food first in order to be able to Remove the lid" and be able to drink his drink.

And, the last story also has to do with the Catholic Monarchs. In this case, on one of his long trips to the south, Ferdinand II saw how his glass was filled with land because of the acquaintance Levante wind. To avoid this, the monarch requested that, by means of a slice of some sausage, cover your drink. So did the innkeeper on duty, saying these words "Here's your cover, Your Majesty."


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World Tapa Day today

The rise in popularity of these products today is due to their extreme quality and its delicious taste. And it is that, after all, it is only a appetizer It is served in most bars and restaurants as an accompaniment to a drink, whether alcoholic or not. But despite its simplicityAn afternoon at the bar with friends and family can no longer be understood if it is not with a drink in your hand and a good meal at your side. In fact, in many regions of Spain it is common to go out for lunch or dinner on weekends based on tapas, a way of eating commonly referred to as nibble or peck. Surely you are familiar with some of the most popular tapas in the country, which are:

  • Tortilla of patatos
  • Raxo pig, very popular in Galicia
  • calluses
  • Potatoes bravo
  • Squid to the roman
Tapa World Day
Pork raxo tapa. Source: elingenierococinero.com (pinterest.com)

These are just examples of the best products that you will be able to find in all the bars in the country. Why don't you dare to celebrate the Tapa World Day ? It is a fun and original idea to dine in the company of your closest friends and enjoy premium food. Oddly enough, a couple of them will fill your stomach and conquer your palate.