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Fried eggs from Mercadona, was it necessary?

The marketing by the Mercadona supermarket chain of refrigerated fried eggs has caused a sensation and reaction in the media and social networks. With that Mercadona has achieved an impact communication campaign and created a debate on whether the product was necessary.

With only 30 seconds in the microwave we can already enjoy some fried eggs and be able to eat some of the most popular dishes of Spanish gastronomy. It is no longer important not to know how to make a fried egg. The problem is solved and for a very reasonable price €1,80 per pair of fried eggs.

This gastronomic solution invented by the Aragonese Javier Yzuel, who already patented the idea in 2014, seems to have broken many schemes. Yzuel initially did it thinking that it could be a great product and solution for the restaurant sector and catering chains. Now after the company will go through financial difficulties, due to the large investment in R&D, it has been relaunched by its current owner, the company Angulas Aguinaga.

The product began to be marketed for restaurants for chains such as Burger King and Vienna. Also for specialized distribution for the restaurant sector such as Makro.

Were Mercadona's elaborate fried eggs necessary?

On the one hand, there are those who believe that prepared food is going too far. On the other hand, those who think that providing more solutions and facilitating the work of those who do not like to cook is not bad at all. Be that as it may, it is a product of acceptable quality and with good food safety since they are pasteurized. With this we avoid the problem of salmonella.

Obviously good quality fried eggs and freshly made are better but it is an alternative. Perhaps it is better to have this type of ready-made product on hand than some ultra-processed products and of a very high food quality, but. In short, the good thing is to be able to choose at all times.