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What is the best milk for children?

Many are the doubts that appear when facing the question of what is the best milk for children. There are more and more types and alternatives, which in principle arise to help us, but what they do is create us more uncertainty. A Australian university conducted a study to help us with this question. Do you want to know all the details? Here we solve all your doubts.

And after breast milk?

Milk is a fundamental food in the infant and adult diet. Thanks to the great nutritional contribution it has. However, as the years go by and the market evolves, doubts about which is the most suitable. During the first months of life, the only sustenance is that which comes from the mother. That is, at this time lthe best option is breast milk.

However, this function gradually disappears as babies grow older. For this reason, there is a need to look for alternatives that help its correct development. Among these arises the question of choosing between fat-free milk o whole milk. The latter contains increased amount of vitamin D.

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Likewise, it has been shown that cow's milk is one of more complete drinks, nutritionally speaking. This is because it is not highly processed. In addition, it contains calcium, protein, vitamin D and B12. For which we could say that the milk Whole cow's milk is the best milk for children. To confirm this statement, the Edith Cowan University (ECU) of Australia has carried out a study in which it analyzes the consumption of whole milk and low-fat milk.

The studio

Therese O'Sullivan, a professor at the ECU, was in charge of directing the study. The main topic was research on the consumption of high-fat dairy products in children. For this, it had the participation of 49 healthy children between the ages of four and six. They received random whole or low milk for three months instead of what they would normally consume.

These products were delivered to the different addresses every fifteen days. So that price was not a factor, they were totally Services. Thus they got a multitude of volunteers. It's about the the first time researchers intensively measured obesity, body composition and blood pressure, in relation to milk consumption.

On the other hand, no matter what kind of milk they drank, both groups of children ate similar amounts of calories. Although, obviously, children who drank whole milk obtained more calories than those who drank low-fat. However, it was seen as these latter rthey used other foods y drinks to make up the difference.


Professor O'Sullivan has stated that there were no significant differences in obesity or cardiovascular health between the groups. He adds that “It was previously thought that young children would benefit from low-fat dairy products due to their lower levels of saturated fat and lower energy density, which in turn would help prevent obesity and risk of disease. associated cardiometabolic ”.

best milk for children
Two milk bricks. One whole and one skimmed / source: twitter user @ _onerolita

"Our results suggest that healthy children can safely consume whole dairy products without increasing obesity or adverse cardiometabolic effects. " Aim. In addition, Therese says: “Taking into account our results and previous research, future revisions of the dietary guidelines should consider the possibility to recommend that children two years or older can consume whole or reduced-fat dairy products".


The study has shown that the difference between types of milk is not important. But, we have also seen that whole milk is more nutritious. From what we can see that this is the best milk for children. However, they have stressed that the research was done with healthy childrenSo what about children diagnosed as overweight?

For them, it is recommended include low-fat milk in your diet. It allows them to get the benefits of this drink, without promoting body weight gain. In these cases it is necessary to take into account the formulas rich in vitamins and minerals. These can be seen on the packaging of the nutritional table.

The conclusion we draw is that, in general, the whole cow is better milk for older children of 3 years. As long as we are talking about children completely healthy. In addition, research showed that children who resorted to low fat milk He then chose to ingest other products that covered them. Therefore, since it is not due to being overweight or other illnesses, they will consume the same calories, either through this source or another. What do you think? And… What kind of milk do you drink at home? Put it in the comments.