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Cecina de León: good for your health

You know the Lion smoked beef? Well, it turns out that it is even better than what was thought for the health. Discover its newfound benefits in this article before you run to the nearest store. What part of the cow does this delicacy come from? What does the smoked? Let's see.

What makes the cecina de León special?

Last Monday, January 17, the conclusions of a study on the nutritional quality of Lion smoked beef. Jesus Julius CarneroMinister of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development of Castilla y León) appeared at the headquarters of its IGP. “This cecina is good for the muscles, for its proteins, and good for the defenses, for its content in iron, zinc y Vitamin B12”. Thus, the Agrarian Technological Institute of Castilla y León has verified the beneficial advantages of an iconic product.

La beef jerky It has nothing to do with a sausage. In fact it looks more like Serrano ham than any of these. That is, it is about raw beaf from the hindquarters of the cow that has been dehydrated that subjected to a process of salty. This, in addition to smoked They give it its characteristic flavor. Undoubtedly, this traditional preserving method has become a saint of devotion for athletes and people concerned about food. The reason is the low number of calories and the high percentage of proteins.

Lion smoked beef
Plate of cecina de León / Source: @jcyl on Twitter

In the case that we are dealing with today, that of the cecina de León, several important data are confirmed by the study. In addition to its high protein content, it stands out for its high levels of potassium, phosphorus, iron y zinc. As if that were not enough, it also stands out for the famous Vitamin B12. Therefore, we encourage you to support the Leonese ranchers and consume cecina from this area when you have the opportunity. You will know that you are eating a healthy product of first quality.