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5 strange drinks that you did not know

Some time ago we told you about kumachea sauce as strange as dangerous. Today, instead of a sauce, we bring you 5 most extravagant drinks. So if you've gotten tired of drinking Coca-Cola and want to try new things, keep an eye out.

meat flavored drink

Can you imagine drinking one? cheeseburger, hot dog or chicken teriyaki?, right?, well now with meatwater can. This American company has brought to the market a meat flavored water which also has protein. A most peculiar drink that has become very famous in the US.

cannabis liquor

In addition to the use that we all know it has, cannabis is also very useful in the kitchen. This liquor is made in the Netherlands, where the consumption of this substance is legal. Although the drink does not contain THC, it does have 14,5 degrees of alcohol, and the only thing that associates it with cannabis is it's taste. 

Snake wine and seagull wine

The name makes it clear to us from the beginning what its ingredients are, because yes friends, both wines are prepared with the animal fermented and infused. In the case of snake wine, a very popular drink in Southeast Asia, once the animal is infused in wine, it is drunk with the belief that it has healing properties. On the other hand, the seagull wine is made in Alaska, the Inuit keep the seagull in a water container and they leave it ferment in the sunl for a few days. Which would you dare to try first?

The prairie oyster

This curious drink looks like a potion made by your 8-year-old children, but it's not. It consists of egg yolk, tomato juice, vinegar, hot sauce, salt, black pepper and sauce Worcestershire. It is used as hangover cure and has appeared many times on television. Although I, for a post-party day, I still stay before with an ibuprofen.

pickle juice drink

If ever a child's dream was to make a pickle flavored soda, their wish has come true. There is a store in Pennsylvania, United States, that sells these unique soft drinks pickle flavor since 2017. The drink is made from sugar and pickles and can be purchased through your webpage