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Alta Alella: organic wines

High Alella presents its organic sweet wine duo: AA BLANC DE NEU and AA DOLÇ MATARÓ. Is a white and a red wine to harmonize with the best gastronomy of this Catalan area. Of course, the main hallmark is in its completely environmentally friendly production.


This is a organic sweet white wine made with grapes of the variety White bread. On the nose it presents aromas of peach and pear in syrup, citrus and white flower. All this with a background of toasts from aging. In the mouth, the syrups are confirmed, very well integrated with the tastes of aging. The exceptional balance of sweetness and acidity of the fruit. It is a fresh, complex and personalized wine. AA BLANC DE NEU is ideal to harmonize with a good foie gras, cheeses, white chocolate or any citrus dessert. Do you dare to try it?

Organic Sweet White Wine
Organic Sweet White Wine


Instead, this wine is a sweet red made with grapes of the variety Mataro (Monastrell). In it, the aromas of candied fruits such as plum or dried figs stand out. Also the subtle notes of dried tomato, orange peel and Japanese tea.

It is an unctuous and tasty sweet with an exceptional balance between tannic sensations and sweetness. AA DOLÇ KILLED: "Mediterranean fruit preserved in the form of wine". This is how he presents himself with his motto. EAlta Alella's most international wine and it is present in numerous restaurants with worldwide recognition. Its success is that it is ideal to harmonize with the most cutting-edge, innovative and creative gastronomy. It is also perfect to accompany chocolate, foie gras and to the cheeses. 


High Alella

So now you know, if you want to try these new organic wines, you just have to visit the store that has the wine cellar en Barcelona.