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Ginger in gastronomy and health

From the oriental kitchens, it is gaining weight in the dishes of the West more and more. Discover in detail everything about ginger and a recipe.

Dill, a plant for two spices

Dill is a plant that gives us a two for one with excellent culinary and healthy properties. Find out everything about this aromatic herb.

Green pepper: softness and freshness in dishes

The consumption of green pepper has been exerting a significant increase in recent years, mainly due to its pleasant appearance and fresh aroma. Discover its characteristics, origin and the best green sauce recipe

What is savory? All about this herb

With an aroma reminiscent of other well-known spices, we are talking here about this aromatic herb typical of southern Europe if you do not know what savory is.

Dehydrated garlic: nutrients and culinary use

Discover the nutritional composition of dehydrated garlic, its versatility in the kitchen, its health properties and the popular alioli sauce recipe.

Black pepper, an ally of our health

Black pepper balls are born from the immature and dried berries of the plant that receives the name of pepper shaker, known for their spicy flavor.

Uses and properties of parsley

Learn about the nutritional composition, benefits for your health and properties of parsley, as well as a recipe to use it, although its use is very common.

Nigella or Black Cumin

This pepper substitute spice is highly valued in the Middle East, less popular in Europe. Find out more about the Nigella or Black Cumin here.

Basil, the Italian flavor in the kitchen

Basil is a gastronomic plant widely used in Italy, especially to make the well-known pesto sauce. Learn all about it and a fabulous recipe.

Chives, mild and fine onion flavor

We present the characteristics, nutritional values, uses and a magnificent recipe for chives, a spice that comes from a plant with tubular leaves.