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Beer myths, do you still not know them?

The variety of beer myths they are very difficult to eradicate. First, because beliefs are deeply ingrained in the heads of the majority. For them they are pure indisputable truths. It is as if they tell you that a pig is capable of flying. You will think that it is stupid and it is totally false, nor will you rethink it. Well, maybe we are exaggerating. But, we assure you that when you discover them you will be surprised. It is necessary that you know them so that when you go to have a beer at a bar (which will be shortly) you surprise your companions. They will be incredulous and you will look like a real brewer (if they believe you, of course).

Spain: the world's second largest consumer of beer

Whether it is timidly hitting the sun on your face, or in the shade sheltered from the heat, the beer on the summer terrace is a great pleasure for many. The straw at the trusty bar in winter, too. The beers with your colleagues on the sofa at home are not short either. Let's say the beer at any moment is very well valued in Spain. And we do not say it, but the study carried out by the web expensivity.com. The report places Spain as el second country that consumes the most beer in the world Is it important or not that we debunk the beer myths?

beer myths
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The information has been provided to us by people who know, specifically, the brewmasters de Heineken Spain. They have subjected their «fact check»Some (because there are many more) false beliefs about beer.

Beer myths

La beer is a masculine drink. This statement is totally false. In our country, the 81% of adults consume beer on a regular basis. A 53% They are men and a 47% women. The difference is negligible. A widespread stereotype is that men consume more alcohol than women, especially beers. The thing about the man who goes all afternoon to drink beers will sound familiar to you. But we have learned all this from the gender roles present in certain television series and cinema films.


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The most typical. And we dare to say: de the most widespread. We come across one of those indisputable truths. The beer, always very cold Fake! It is true that cold beer is a very refreshing drink, especially in summer and it is very common to hear complaints about hot beers. We must know that it is recommended that certain beers, such as craft beers, be served at a higher temperature. And what is the reason? Enjoy all its nuances. The cold quickly camouflages the aroma and flavors of the beer. Thus, he explains it to us Paco Ruiz:

The serving temperature of the beer depends on the type and the local culture. The cold helps us to enhance the refreshing power of a beer at the same time that it hinders our sensory perception. Lagers are usually tasted between 2-6º, while Ale or Abadía beers are usually served between 5-8º, to allow all their nuances to be released.

Does beer make you fat?

The belief most feared by all: Beer is fattening. For depends. We are not going to deny beer bellies. But, I don't think beer is the only culprit. There are more factors such as excessive consumption and a unhealthy diet. In fact, beer is included in the Healthy Eating Pyramid of the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC40). But be careful, as long as its consumption is moderate and optional in healthy adults. In addition, there are healthier alternatives such as beer. 0,0. 

That is the key, in addition to what cover you accompany it with. Beer is one of the lowest calorie foods on the bar counter, as well as being rich in nutrients, as carbohydrates and proteins and in vitamins, folic acid and antioxidants. Irene Pascual, brewmaster at Factoría Cruzcampo.

These are some of the most widespread and most shocking myths, but there are many, many more. We invite you to discover them all or, if you want us to tell you some more, let us know in the comments. And not only about beer, but about other foods. In the meantime, run for a beer We know you're looking forward to it!