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Less wine production in 2023

This week the Wine Sector Board has concluded the harvest campaign for this year 2023. In this way, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has foreseen a total decrease in production of 15%.

Thus, the estimated production data, according to the data available to the Ministry and the sector, will be 36,5 million hectoliters. All of this is the result of a planted area as of July 31, 2023 of 928.108 hectares. This area is 1% less than the previous year.

With the current production and the reserves that are already available, in Spain there will be a total of just over 67 million hectoliters. This amount is the lowest in the last 6 years. Also notable is the significant revaluation of last season's wines, reaching an increase of 6% compared to previous campaigns.

From the Ministry it has been announced that The royal decree to help with climate effects is about to be published. This decree makes it possible to make the regulations applicable to the sector more flexible to alleviate the adverse climatic effects suffered last spring.


Less wine production but with more value

In this way, the weather has marked this 2023 campaign and the drought is the main element of the decrease in production. So have the adverse climatological effects such as drought and excess temperatures that affected production and its first stages.


On the contrary, the decrease in environmental humidity and rain has led to a decrease in phytosanitary problems. Also to the decrease in production, especially of late-maturing varieties. However, the quality of the grapes is very good and the quality of the wine is expected to be very high.