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Juan Mari Iriarte and his golden chocolates

The first 'edible jewels' created by Juan Mari Iriarte, a true pastry chef and chocolatier who now innovates with his gold-dipped chocolates. Product inspired by sunsets bright lights that decorate the sky of the French cornice in Sokoa, next to the Cantabrian Sea. This is where this idea came from, with a chocolate already patented in the European Union, something unique, extraordinary, luxurious and handcrafted. In Ekhi Gold Chocolate a sweet delicacy is born.

Idea and elaboration of Juan Mari Iriarte

These gold chocolates shine in their retail box as beautiful as the true story from which this creation of Juan Mari Iriarte. The pastry chef trained with the best in the culinary sector in Europe he was with his girl enjoying a magnificent picnic. It was on a day with spectacular sunset on the ledge of Sokoa (French Basque Country). Then, where the great star illuminated the romantic scene, the cook also illuminated the mind.

Why not get a gold chocolate, an extraordinary chocolate?

That same wondered Juan Mari Iriarte before starting the challenge. It has achieved it in its facilities located in the Navarran town of Vera of Bidasoa. Are the Ekhi Gold Chocolates, fully covered with gold and personalized. The first in the world in luxurious chocolates of the highest quality, with chocolate from Peru, the Ecological cultivation. For its part, gold is total purity (23,9 carats), perfect to combine it with the sweet and yes, edible. At least that is what millions of scientific trials have shown.

Therefore, with the best beans from cacao and that noble metal, the chef makes this unique product for the most exquisite palates. The investment to achieve this has amounted to more than 250 thousand euros, but the excellent marketing forecasts that they have would amortize it. The idea of Juan Mari Iriarte is that their gold chocolates they 'sneak' into the most prestigious and luxurious appointments or events.

Photo: ekhichocolates.com

Catalog of cases and customization

Your creative team in the company Eki Gold has also developed a complete catalog of cases to sell these fabulous chocolates according to the recipient. Because the sector of wedding has also been interested in acquiring them, as well as that of the cars. More could come and there is even the possibility of customize each package with a visible space in the chocolate that allows sign or engrave a logo. If you are getting married soon, we recommend that you have them. With the artisan stamp of Juan Mari Iriarte your guests will love it!