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Heura: new methods to create products with more protein and less fat.

The new technologies that Heura is developing will be able to create products with more protein and less fat. The new patent of the vegan products company is being developed through its platform "Good Rebel Tech". Its objective is to launch foods with more macro and micronutrients on the market in a sustainable way. Something highly demanded by the vegan community has always been to enjoy products with more protein.

Statements from Heura managers.

"Although plant-based foods have taken a huge leap in recent years, the poor quality of nutrition associated with processed foods has become a significant barrier to their growth," explained Marc Coloma, director and co-founder of Heura. .

Marc Coloma, co-founder of Heura.

“Our new patent-pending technology is here to redefine food processing and accelerate the transition from plant-based protein. Not only are we creating unprecedented competitive advantage, but we are also offering a new level of successor to animal meat, foods that are superior to their traditional meat counterparts.”

The new technology from the food company employs a thermomechanical technique, using heat and mechanical energy to shape the properties of a material. This innovative technology has allowed Heura to improve the design of its products and the processing methods. The end result is more sustainable food, with better flavor and texture.

Isabel Fernández, Director of Science and Technology at Heura, has reported the following: «We use a transdisciplinary approach to overcome the biggest challenges that the industry faces. Our goals are ambitious. We do not aspire to small incremental advances based on cumulative improvements of what already exists, but rather exponential progress of revolutionary innovations. She also stressed the importance of further research; "And those big problems can only be solved by research in the various relevant scientific fields to jointly develop fundamental new knowledge and technological innovations to address a common challenge."

Heura and its R&D.

Heura has focused a lot on the field of R&D for the consumer. The company developed a 100% olive oil-based fat analogue, something that managed to bring the juiciness of meat to its vegan products.

In addition, Heura has collaborated with scientific experts and academic institutions. His R&D team employs the best techniques and knowledge from scientific disciplines, such as: plant cell physiology, biopolymer chemistry, computational fluid dynamics, and process modelling.

The "Crowd" campaign.

With this new campaign, Heura wants to promote a transition towards a healthier and more sustainable diet. The campaign seeks funding and is open to investors from anywhere in the world. The platform where this financing will take place is “Crowdcube”.

Currently, Heura is present in more than twenty countries and in the last year its turnover has increased by 80%. Despite the good figures, the company has not set a ceiling, and wants to continue growing internationally.

Heura and plant-based options.

Heura is not only growing in numbers, but also in its line of products and collaborations. They have signed agreements with companies like Cinesa, to offer viewers vegan nuggets. They also collaborate with Level and Iberojet airlines and Royal Caribbean cruise companies.