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International Cheese Forum 2019

Canary Islands It is celebrating these first two days of April and with nothing less than one of its characteristic products as the protagonist. The International Cheese Forum 2019 is gathering on the island of Gran Canaria to renowned chefs with Michelin star. Among them, Joan Roca It is one of the most acclaimed by visitors both locals and abroad. Between this 1 y 2 de abril, teach how to cook or prepare delicious recipes with Canarian cheese. Addition tastings, master classes, tastings and debates organized.El Alfredo Kraus Auditorium de Las Palmas thus welcomes the event that also receives world experts in elaborations with cheese. Especially with some produced by the 80 artisan cheese shops that are distributed on the island. Of all of them, the most notable for their popularity are Bolaños cheeses o Montesdeoca.

Most relevant activities at the International Cheese Forum 2019

Last monday, Joan Roca was one of the leading chefs in the International Cheese Forum 2019 with their recipes. Beyond presenting it naturally, this product can also be in elaborations of high kitchen. Thus, the Spanish cook prepared a onion soup with cheese Flor de Guía and a kid accompanied by cheese foam. He also dared cooking himself cheese of flower with mil.

Rock He highlighted "the diversity, quality of the pastures and the different breeds of goats or other livestock", which make possible "extraordinary cheeses" on the islands. Of course, on the other hand, he acknowledged that "cooking with cheese can be a real sacrilege", because they are very "good". In addition, the chef wanted to clarify the plausible fact of being able to make this product with raw milk.

In this International Cheese Forum 2019 Canarian chefs participated such as Borja Marrero or Braulio Simancas. The director santceloni, Abel Valverde, or Paco García, from El Lago restaurant, and even Eduardo Camiña, sommelier of the MugaritzThey also delighted the audience with their dishes.

This Tuesday there are talks by some of the most expert cheesemakers in Canary Islands, as well as demonstrations of Iván Cerdeño and Marcos Morán. Likewise, the prizes of the cheesecake contest are awarded. And it is that, as the president of the Cabildo pointed out, Antonio Morales, Canarian cheeses are "a wealth that grows quietly." Micro-climates and pastures give rise to variety of types.

On the other hand, the island of Gran Canaria houses the largest center of maturation de artisan cheese all Spain. This is a key process in the exquisite flavor that the final product adopts. Therefore, your exhaustive control It's very important. As well as the display of the tremendous quality of the island cheese in this International Cheese Forum 2019.