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Salmon the king of fish barbecues

In the middle of the barbecue season, salmon makes its way as the king of fish in fish barbecues in Spain. Although meat continues to be the main protagonist, fish has a growing presence and salmon is the king in this category.

According to a report prepared by IPSOS for the Norwegian Seafood Council, salmon and cod have an important presence in Spanish barbecues. In this way, 65% of those surveyed who enjoy barbecues claim to have ever resorted to fish for their barbecues. The fish with the greatest presence are salmon with 54% and cod with 31% according to the Ipsos study for the Norwegian Seafood Council. In the category of other fish, where sardines are the main protagonist, they reach 45% in preference for barbecue fish. In addition to sardines, fish such as sea bream, sea bass, mackerel, bonito, tuna and horse mackerel are preferred by consumers.


The meat and salmon protagonists of barbecues

According to the study, 50% of Spaniards have a barbecue at home. 18% of those surveyed indicate that they prepare or attend barbecues more or less frequently, especially in the summer months.

Regarding preferences, meat continues to be the main ingredient in 88% of the cases. Vegetables follow with 43% and in third position is fish with 33%. 71% of consumers acknowledge that fish barbecues are a very healthy option and that they would like to try other options, in addition to meat, such as salmon and cod.

Barbecues are a symbol of relaxation, relaxation and leisure. Spaniards prefer to enjoy barbecues with family and friends mainly and to a lesser extent in work environments.