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After dinner: vegan cuisine with Sandra de Jong

Discover vegan Asian fusion at Roots and Rolls with Sandra De Jong. Success, flavor and environmental commitment.

The art of ramen, 80 bowls and simple broths

The art of ramen, 80 simple bowls and broths is Makiko Sano's book where she tells us everything about this magnificent food.

Salmon consumption in Spain

Salmon consumption skyrockets in Spain thanks to the rise of Asian cuisine. Where is most salmon consumed in Spain?

Cardamom: the third wonder

Cardamom is the third most reputable spice in the world behind saffron and vanilla. We are talking about the dried fruit of the Elettaria cardamomum plant. Belonging...

La Virgen 154 opens two new stores in Madrid

Virgin 154 expands. The annexation of the companies Cerveza La Virgen and Kitchen 154 is consolidated with the opening of two new...