Scotland and whiskey, one of the most famous relationships in the world

When we think of Japan, perhaps “sushi” comes to mind and when we think of Italy, “pizza”. Something similar happens to us scotland and whiskey. This is one of the relations national-country product most famous in the world. Scotch whiskey exports represent 70% of the total operations in the country, and not only in bottle sales data. As if the sale of bottles of whiskey were not enough, Scotland, in terms of tourist activity, receives 2 million visits a year to its distilleries. Last year 2022, it was a very good year for Scotch whisky, which continues to be the favorite in almost the entire world.

Scotch whiskey exports increased sharply in 2022

Scotch whiskey exports increased by 37% last 2022, as announced by the Scotch Whiskey Association chaired by the former ambassador Mark Kent. Despite the evident and current crisis in the United Kingdom and the world, Scotch whiskey has a turnover of more than 6.200 million pounds sterling (which is equivalent to about 7.025 millones de euros). Mark noted that exceeding £6bn in export value is a milestone. This significant growth represents an all-time high, since in addition to increasing exports, the volume of sales also did so by 21%.

India dethrones France as importer in 2022

If until now France had been number 1 as an importer of Scotch whiskey, it has arrived India to remove that position. India has become the UK's largest market for Scotch whiskey with an increase in 60% in terms of volume in whiskey imports in the year 2022 importing 219 million bottles scotch whiskey However, despite these exuberant numbers, the reality is that Scotch only accounts for 2% of the Indian whiskey market. The Scotch Whiskey Association (SWA) has attributed the reason to the high tariffs.